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Looking for something very specific....and not finding it.

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I'm looking for something very specific and can't seem to find it.  The microphone/button on my Klipsch s2m went out and I'm looking for a replacement, but I'm kind of picky.  Unlike most on here, I'm not necessarily looking for the absolute best sound.  The Klipsch certainly didn't give it to me but I was happy with them for several reasons.  I'd buy some again if I could find them available.  As it stands, Klipsch is standing by their warranty and a new set of S4i is in the mail (since the S2m is no longer available).  The problem is that I previously purchased the S4i and did not find them comfortable.  So the search begins once more...


My requirements in no particular order:

in ear comfort (more on this later)

able to be worn over the ear

microphone/iPhone controls in a proper place


The reason I'm not as concerned with sound is that I mostly listen to audiobooks and podcasts in the car where these are worn 80% of the time.  They need to be iems as I like the sound isolation (and find them more comfortable in general--I also sleep with ear plugs).  I'd like good sound, and I don't mind paying for it, but I'm not obsessive about it.  My high end limit is around $150, although I'd like to keep it closer to the $100 price point.


Headphones/headsets I've tried in the past and found comfortable: Shure E3c, Klipsch S2m, Etymotic HF-3


Headphones/headsets I've tried in the past and found uncomfortable: Klipsch S4i, a pair of v-moda (I can't recall the model number), some sony buds, stock iphone earphones.


I actually just recently purchased (and will probably take back) the Etymotic HF-3, but worn over the ear, the controls/mic are directly behind my ear which makes them a little harder to put on and makes controlling them awkward and doesn't do the person on the other end of my phone calls any favors.


So, getting to my question, does anyone know of an iem headset (I don't need full iphone controls, the one button type are fine although volume controls would be nice) that is made to be worn over the ear and is similar in shape to the iems I find comfortable?  Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post, but I figured I'd give as much info up front as I could.

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Have a look at this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/613775/ebay-find-from-the-chocolate-peanut-butter-folks-enjoy


I found these on ebay a couple weeks ago. It may fill your needs.


Good Luck, Jim

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Have you looked at the PFE series?  The 012 and 122 have one-button mic's and are quite comfortable.  If you check the deals thread I think a vendor is having a 25% off sale on their stock right now for the 4th of July so you'd probably get a really sweet deal.  I believe the 122 comes with more accessories than the 012 but you would need to double check.  They are super comfortable and meant to be worn over the ear.  I've read (not here but elsewhere) decent things about the incase capsule which is around $50.  I've been considering snagging a pair to try for the gym and they have a 3-button remote. The Thinksound series is also pretty comfortable and they have excellent customer service.  I think it's the TS02 that has a mic.  You can read a review in joker's 232+ iem review thread of it and the PFE's.


Not to be "that person" but you're not using them while driving, are you?  Hopefully as a passenger since it's illegal in most states to wear them while driving. 

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I was not aware of the PFE series but I'll be taking a look.  Does anyone feel strongly about the Shure SE215 with the added iPhone cable?  They look a little big but it's always hard to tell how they'll fit in your ears.


And vocalist, I actually do use them while driving.  In Texas it is not illegal, and I listen at low volumes and almost exclusively to spoken word (which makes it easier to hear other sounds).  I use the Shure grey silicon tips which provide some, but not much, isolation.  I've never had a problem hearing emergency vehicles, etc.  Thanks for your concern, though.

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