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Hi guys,


Just letting off steam over manufacturers seeming inability to programme a logical "random" function into their mp3 players.


I've had the (otherwise AWESOME) Rocoo-P for a few weeks now, and having just put on a playlist of a few hundred of my favourite tracks was hoping to just hit a button and have a totally random playback......without having tracks repeated, and without the same tracks coming up time and time again each use with other tracks remaining perpetually ignored.


It was annoying enough with my previous machines (Archos 5, Archos 504), but never had this problem with my old iRiver. The Roccoo however just seems worse by far.

Am I wrong to expect "random" to mean:-

1. Play randomly chosen track.

2. Remember track and do not select again until all other selectons exhausted.

3. Play second randomly chosed track.

4. etc.


Maybe it's me being fussy ( I do have the same issue with people using electronic dice in D&D ....... but that's a subject for a whole different forum....).


Is it really that hard to programme a true random function ? Is it just laziness ? Lack of  thought/care? I genuinely don't know. Or am I being a complete donut and just not using the machine properly ???