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Monoprice Earphones

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I've read plenty of good reviews about their 8320 earphones, but can't seem to find anything on their other models. Anyone have experience with either of their 8319 or 8321 models?


The cheaper 8321 has a bigger driver and higher sensitivity, but I know these are not absolute indicators of quality. The 8319 looks durable like the popular 8320 earphones.

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Hmm, someone asked the same question a couple days ago, so I'll offer the same advice to you as I did them:  the MP earphones are cheap -- buy them, check them out and give us a review -- then you and all of us will know!

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I own the 8319 and it sounds nice for one the go listening, better than any skullcandy but not as good as a Klipsh S4. 


I also own the 8320 which is way better than the 8319 and also the 8323 which is awesome when the earpads and cable is replaced and also you can add one of those Monster Beats control cables so you have mic/audio control for your iPhone.

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I was in the same conundrum so I ordered 2 of each and am burning them in now for comparison.  That is the 8319, 8320, and 8321.  The 8322 I couldn't bring myself to pay "that much" for bling.

I also picked up the 8323 but that's for another topic.

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Forgot to post my quick thoughts on these so here goes for those searching for this thread.



Pictured Left to Right: 8321, 8320, 8319, 8322






Monoprice 8321:
Shallow insertion means minimal isolation.  Details hard to pick out, mids well recessed and lost in the bass.  Bass is boomy, dominant, and bleeds all over the place.  It is well extended but still has a large hump in the mid-bass.  Very bass heavy and closed soundstage. Nice rubbery cord with minimal microphonics.  Ultra low profile - smaller than most buds. No accessories.  straight plug.  Only comes in white which does not go with its discrete low profile.

Monoprice 8319
Deeper insertion for very good isolation.  Excellent balance across the range.  Bass is muddy and over-emphasized right down into the most sub bass and bleeding a little into the mids, mids  and highs recessed, average clarity.  Hard to find much more fault with the sound quality - would just be nitpicking at this price.  Nice cheap warm headphone.  Soundstage is quite closed, but not as bad as the 8321.  Fabric cable is nice and tangle proof but causes microphonics to be the worst I have ever experienced - it's like having a micrphone in your pocket connected to your ears.  Wearing up helps less than it should.  These need a change to the strain relief/wire isolation inside the housings to stop this so the music can be enjoyed.

Monoprice 8320
Awkward fitment, but pleasant sound.  Good control of microphonics, even without wearing cord up (only really one way to wear it).  R Ch lost trebel after 10hrs of burn in!

2nd pair.  Don't isolate that well, but super wide soundstage, great detail, and suitable amount of bass that extends well into the deep.  Very fun to listen to.  Stock up on these.

Monoprice 8322
You're paying for the fake jewellery here.  The housing is a nice metal finish and build quality is good if you don't mind the bling.  Cord is like the 8321 - rubbery and minimal microphonics even when worn down.  Even the straight plug isn't as nice as the 8320.  These might have similar or the same driver as the 8321 except somehow the sound is even worse.  The best soundstage description is "AM Radio" - voices sound like a call-in show, what little bass exists is out of control, mids are recessed and muffled, and highs are a total mess.  A truely horrible sonic experience, and a shame to the usual monoprice quality.  One of the first times I wanted to get something out of my ears!  These are going back.
Cord is also 6" shorter than most...

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Thanks for this post. I was going to buy the other Monoprice IEMs..

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