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Beyerdynamic Heaphone Bag BK with Sennheiser HD 598

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Hi guys,


So I got a Sennheiser HD 598, and it really is great for me. I started getting into audiophile stuff quite recently and after some researched I got this cans as my audiophile starter cans.

The only problem is that they don't come with a bag, case or pouch to carry. I started looking into it (in Germany) and it is pretty hard to find a case that fits the HD 598.

The only one I came upon was the Beyerdynamic Headphone Bag BK, now these are designed to fit all sorts of full-size Beyerdynamic headphones, and I was wondering if it would fit my Sennheisers as well.


Does anyone have them or does anyone know if the following cans from Beyerdynamic have a similar design and size to the HD 598:

DJX 1, DT 250 series, DT 290 series, DT 440 Edition, DT 660 Edition, DT 860 Edition, 770 thomann Edition, 880 Edition, DT 990 Edition, DT 770 M, DT 770 PRO, DT 770 PRO HT, DT 880 PRO, DT 880 PRO HT, DT 790, DT797, DT 990 PRO, MMX 300


Here are some pics of the bag:


Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 4.46.17 PM.pngScreen Shot 2012-07-02 at 4.46.25 PM.png

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 4.46.32 PM.png


I hope someone can help me. 


Thanks in advance.


Oh, and the link for this product in case any beyerdynamic owner is also interested:


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They should be similar enough to work.  Never tried it though.

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Hi there,


I'm on the same boat as you are... Did you buy the case? Did it fit your headphones?


I'm checking on this case myself for my HD595s and would be glad to know if you tried the case already with yours. Thanks.

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Nope, I gave up on this case and got a Magma headphone case. It said it was supposed to work only with those DJ headphones, but some buyers commented that it could easily fit an HD600 and HD650, so I took the risk and it was worth it. I payed something like 17 euros for it. And it easily fits my HD598 with its cord, plus it has a smaller front pocket to put and adapter or anything thinner than 1 cm.


I bought it through thomann.de, since I was in germany.

Right now I'm in Japan, and boy do they like audiophile gear, I just went to a Yodobashi (famous japanese electronic store) and there was the largest collection of equipment I have ever seen. Thousands of headphones (almost all brands, except for audeze, a pity, I really wanted to test them) and also all sorts of turntables, amps, dacs, sources, speaker and full systems, even parts to improve your turntables and loads of vinyls. And I didn't even look at everything, since I was in a hurry. Later I want to go the another one of these stores in tokyo and really look at everything. The only small problems is that things are not that cheap, but at least you can try out everything without any salesguy bothering you.

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Not sure if this beyer bag will work with the sennhs, but i got a different one for mine. (hippocase)

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