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£60 headphones? XB700/HA-RX700/HA-RX900?

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I'm wanting them for gaming, music, and other general use (e.g. some movies, a lot of youtube videos etc), and these seem have been recommended:



HA-RX900 (both of these I've heard can get hot on your ears)

XB700 (recommended I use and equalizer)

The CAL (crappy build quality though)


What benefits does the RX900 have over the RX700?  I've also been suggested the ATH-AD700 but all reviews have said it seriously lacks bass which might be a problem :/.  Or is there something else I should look at?

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I suggest the Superlux HD668b.  They work good for pretty much every type of music and are great for gaming. They have little ear fatigue so they are good for long listening sections. They also have a very nice soundstage which helps gaming a lot.



A cheaper alternative is the Superlux HD681.  They have a similar sound to the 668b but they are a bit colored and the bass goes deeper then the 668b. They have nearly identical soundstage too.



The build quality feels cheap but they can take a lot of abuse.  I have a pair of 681s and I've dropped them, banged them, nearly sat on them. Not a scratch!



The only major con for these is the comfort.  At first they clamp hard but it loosens up over time. Stock pads also get sticky after a short time but there are many replacement ear cushions you can buy for either of them (both cans are same size)



The JVC's have a lot more bass and isolate better but don't have a great soundstage (this is because they are closed while the superluxes are semi-open)  and the mids are lacking.  The difference between the 700's and 900's is not worth the extra cost. T



The XB700's are super bassy but don't have a lot of detail and have almost no soundstage so I would only recommend them if you only listen to dubstep/bassy musics.

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u want super surround sound and huge bass?


just go get the xb700s.


You're not just gonna be using them for gaming, You can enjoy bass heavy music with these.


Although, the short cord is kinda annoying.

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