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Blox MC2 and amplification

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does anyone here use a pair of Blox Mc2's with amplification? even a simple pa2v2 or cmoy? just curious. Used to own a pa2v2 and was thinking about getting another used one if it would be beneficial to my current portable headphones (blox). Thanks for your time!

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The DigiZoid (v. 2.3) works excellent with the Blox.  Great for rock/popular music.  The DigiZoid pumps up the bass and the Blox handles it well.  


I haven't tried them with anything else

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I've never even heard of it. Is it cheap? Going to give it a look see now. Thanks! Would be great to hear from someone who used this with a pa2v2 

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I have used several amps on the MC2, everything from FiiO amps, ZO2 to JDS Labs C421, and honestly I can say it does not improve the sound in anyway.  Do I see any gain from using them ? No.

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awesome! Thanks a ton for answering my question.

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