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Are these beyerdynamic dt250-80?

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I would really appreciate if someone of you took a look at these headphones. http://www.netzmarkt.de/thomann/arti...UNG=GBP&PRL=GB
Are these really beyerdynamic dt250-80? If they are, what is the story with the partly silver, metal looking headband and the TWO sided cord? If these are NOT the dt250-80, then which are they? The price of 133 euros (around $127) for dt250-80 is pretty atracting, but these headphones look different from the photo at jan meier`s site. Tecnical data seem to be fine, but the photo???
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I don't think that picture is of the Beyer DT 250. I have a pair of the Beyer DT 250-250 and they have no silver. They are all black plastic. Also, the cord connects only on the left side of the headphones.
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Don't look anything like my Beyers. Mine are all black with single sided spiral cord - cord in the photo looks straight. They are of similar design, though the headband looks slightly more padded and the earpads look vinyl as opposed to velour (might just be the flash though). £83.24 is almost exactly what i paid here in the UK - probably just the web page designer getting his/her photos mixed up.
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- or perhaps the OLDER version of the DT250??? perhaps not... Probably not...
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It's a dt-48.
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You wouldn't happen to have brothers by the name of Jovan and Dragon do you??
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No I do not have any brothers by those names, actually I do not have any brothers at all. I only have a sister, but, hehe, I`m not gonna tell you her name.. Anyway, those two names, Jovan and Dragan (I suppose it is Dragan, not Dragon) are very often over here, which is Bosnia, but also in neighbouring Serbia and even in our other neighbour Croatia. So I do know a million people by those names, in these three countries (Bosnia and Serbia mainly), some of them are my cousins, but none of them is my brother..
dt-48? Are they any good? Are those specs for dt-48?
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Here is a link to an old thread about the DT 48. The specs at Thomann Cyberstore are those of the DT 250-80.

The DT-48, which came in at least three different driver versions, might have been discontinued now. I can't find anything about it on the German Beyer site any more.
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that's certainly not the DT250 but it is a beyerdynamic headphone. they probably used the wrong picture, that's all.
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dt-48 is a version of the first dynamic headphone beyer made. (first commercial dynamic headphone ever I believe)

It's really expensive, and used mostly by people that need to monitor speech, equipment noise, etc. mostly non-music stuff.

I have a really old one, prolly 15-20 years old. It sounds pretty bad. It's got 25 ohm impedance. The construction is super rugged. You could run them over with a car, stratighten out the metal pieces and go on listening. The driver is housed in an aluminum "puck". Nothing sticks out from it (except the wires of course), it's pretty indestructible.
The headband is screwed together with nylock nuts and threaded rivets. No kidding!

Anyway. Not recommended for hifi.
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