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Want some opinions on a portable setup

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I do use a UERM, and an MG6Pro


I've been contemplating for a while for the better sound quality (I don't care about formats alac / flac either one works for me) between getting an amp and dac combo such as the MK3 + Solo for my 4s, or just a DX100. I've been doing quite the research and can't really go off based of just reviews. Anyone's input?

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I'm in the same boat.


iOS = iPod + Solo + amp / iPod + HP-P1 (+ amp if you're really keen)

Android = DX100  / DX100 + amp if you're really keen

Nokia N8 + USB amp/DAC (see Anilaxus's set up)


I think the things to consider are:


1) price (including interconnects)

2) capacity

3) pocketability/portability/intended usage


For me, the DX100 is back in contention as my no1 because it's a single device and can be pocketed - my main use would be commuting and I'd prefer something I can pocket and not worry about interconnects getting pulled about or having to charge multiple devices. It can do 128GB of storage which would fit all my music in high bit-rate lossy or a decent chunk in lossless, and the latest firmware seems to have got it to the point where it's easy enough to use. I'm a Mac user but not religious about everything being tied into the iOS ecosystem.


Your primary use might be different so you might be okay with a stack w/interconnects.

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I'd add durability to that list. What the likely life span of these products (quality and likely durability) - any views? Would you be able to get either fixed in two or three years time were it to fail?


I just go round and round with the same problem. I'm wedded to Apple products so the CLAS option seems sensible as I'll probably be using their phones/tablets/computers long term. But the one box option appeals too, and the general consensus seems to be that quality is slightly better from the DX100. I already have a good portable amp (Stepdance) and a decent home amp (ICON HDP) so the various options just do my head in.


The investment cost doesn't help either and you can't easily test either product. No way of testing the DX100 here in the UK - no one imports it. The CLAS is available here, but the price is higher than the dollar conversion, even allowing for import duty/tax, so hardly a bargain. I'm leaning to the DX100 but would really welcome some informed advice.

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I think the DX100 has a 10 year warranty or something like that and the battery on it is user-replacable, although fiddly, and there's apps like Missing Sync which mean you can connect it to iTunes as well to import playlists etc if it matters.

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Thanks. Good to see ibasso stand behind their product - certainly makes it more tempting.

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