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Which HP to try next?

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I currently own W1000X, K702, DT880 and TF10x6. I'm thirsty for even better headphones, but I really don't know what to buy.


I really like the mids and highs of W1000X, well defined and engaging. However, when it comes soundstage, I just feel W1000X doesn't cut it. It sounds a bit chaotic and congested from time to time.


K702 is way too non-engaging... I don't want another pair like it.. good for listening during study and work... but extremely boring for casual listening.


DT880 250ohm is about the sweet spot on soundstage and bass, but it's a bit warm and the mid is a bit recessed for me (sounds like mid is spilling over to the mid-bass?). Lacks a bit detail when called for compared to W1000X.


TF10x6... I'm not going to comment.. let's just say I'm no longer interested in IEMs.


All comments are made by comparing among the headphones I own and completely subjective.


I listen to mostly JPOP (all sorts of mix genre but mostly vocal centric,) classic, and movie OSTs (Hans Zimmer.) So basically everything other than bass centric music (I really dislike the modern American pop music.)


I'm not interested in amp/source upgrade for now, simply because they don't bring as much change to the table as headphones do.


My budget is $1000~1500. Shoot me some recommendations. Thanks!

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If you already have a good amp and have $1000 to spend just on headphones then no question go for the T1.  I pretty much went through the same phones as you did (K701, W1000X) and most would say that the T1 has a similar sound to the DT880 but better in every way so if you like the DT880 I would say the T1 is the most logical choice.  FWIW I sold my W1000X because the T1 is better in every way such that I no longer listen the the W1000X.  


I found the T1 to work really well for Jpop in general - much better than the HD800 IMO, the HD800's soundstage is too wide and makes the songs sound distant.  Also the T1 is more versatile being able to handle pretty much any genre equally well.

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Thanks for the reply!


I don't have a great amp, only a decent one. Probably not going to be enough to drive T1, or HD800 properly. I'm working myself downwards, from headphone to amp, because amp/source can only tweak the sound signature of the headphone they're driving.


If the original post is vague, I will clarify it. I actually prefer W1000X to DT880 because of the sound signature it brings. I'm essentially looking for a hp that keeps all the goods of W1000X while presenting a larger sound stage. Maybe the stats will do it?


I can bring the budget to $2000, I just have to wait another month before pulling the trigger. I was planning on buying one headphone from each company to get a taste of every brand; but after waking up this morning, I realized that it's pointless if I end up dislike most of them. However, if I can't come up with a definitive decision now, I will most likely go back to my quest of buying different brands of headphones.


Oh the headache headphone brings.

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how about an ortho?

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Have you considered a SA5000 or possibly an AD2000, among the best for soundstage and engaging detail.

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thinking about the AD2Ks.. very intriguing... but seems like more of a horizontal move from W1000X...

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hmm... maybe I should repost this in Summit-Fi?

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HE-500, LCD2.2, or a Stax Lambda rig.  IMO the Stax has a larger soundstage but won't have the visceral attack and impact compared to orthos, unless you do a lot of system tuning.


If you're unfamiliar with stats, there will be a listening adjustment period of a few weeks, but if you warm to the signature, dynamics will sound closed-in and congested to you.  The guys in the Stax thread will be able to recommend a good Lambda headphone+amp pairing for you based on your stated budget.

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