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Main fuse blown

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Dear fellow Head-Fiers,


Yesterday the main fuse of my Classé cap-101 blew right away on start-up. I replaced the T3,15A for a T2,5A which also blew right away. I have been using this amp for quiet a while now and nothing extraordinary has happend which could lead to the problem as far as I'm concerned. However I did listen pretty loudly for only a few minutes on the last use. I concluded it's not a short-circuit with the casing since the house' fuses did not flip. 


I recon it's not a headphone amp though I hope you guys can give some tips on repairing it and shine some light on the matter. Maybe save me a couple of bucks on repair costs:).





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According to the manual on the manufacture web that is the main AC 3.15 AMPS, SLOW BLOW fuse for the unit. The fuse is connected to the hot wire on the AC plug since the fuse is 3.15 amp it will not trip the house breaker. Sounds like something shorted out in the amp but you put in a smaller fuse. I would recheck everything on the circuit board and see if you see any other part that looks kind of burned.

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Thanks for the input, I'll take a look the moment I find the time. Much appreciated!
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Does this look like a leaking capacitor to you?



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Yes, the middle cap looks like something came out from the bottom. Those big caps appears to be power supply filtering. There always a possiblity that the cap is not the only thing that went bad but a good place to start.

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