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APureSound Cables

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Alright, we hear enough of cable makers such as Q, DHC, Norse, Toxic and the alike. But do we have any APureSound cable owners?

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Interested too! Anyone?

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APS? i think they are famous cable manufacturer since a long time ago? they are famous for recable Etymotic ER4 line 


btw , u created in wrong forum , u should go here

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I finally did enough digging around to see a thread on the APS V3, but they were more so

feedback from selling/buying. I'm looking for impressions and comparisons to the cables mentioned above.



Yea, sorry about posting in wrong forum. Mod feel free to appropriately move this thread.

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I very much like the cables that I have from Apure Sound.  Sadly, I must advice people not to buy directly from them.  I ordered one in October and have yet to receive either the purchased cable or any response.  I'm not alone.  there's an existing thread regarding this:

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