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For Sale: Chris_himself silver IEM cable (Europe/Worldwide)

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For Sale:
Chris_himself silver IEM cable (Europe/Worldwide)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is my Chris_himself IEM cable. It is in mint condition and has not seen more than ~10 hours of use. Has never left the apartment.


While the bang-for-the-buck factor of this cable is quite impressive I just find myself using my much more expensive cables more often. Had I not already owned so many cables I certainly would've held on to this one.


Comes with a small ViaBlue plug.


Shipping out of Denmark, so Europeans won't have to deal with taxes. Willing to ship worldwide.

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What is the length of the cable? And are those pins compatible with JH iems? (couldn't really be sure from the picture)

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The length is 48" which is the "standard" size for IEM cables. The pins are compatible with JH16, UM, Westone etc..


I should have mentioned those things, my apologies.

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Bias aside, could you comment on the pliability of the cord and its microphonics? I have a chris_himself cable right now that is way too stiff and microphonic for practical usage.

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