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Not sure if you ever spent that money - but I picked up a gilmore lite recently and I am very pleased with it... And, there is another for sale in the For Sale section of this forum!

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Originally Posted by 7un4 View Post

Hi everyone,
I am looking to upgrade from my Grado Sr80i to either an Sr325is, RS2i, or if it's really worth saving another $100 for, a PS500. I obviously love the "Grado sound", but what are the major differences. Any info helps.smily_headphones1.gif


Nice thread topic!

I have the same questions!


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I bought the RS2i before the PS500 came out. I preferred the smoother treble over the sometimes piercing SR325i.

Also through my somewhat bassy SS Fisher amp and after a few minor tweaks on the EQ, I've got a much more balanced sound that has all the punch and refinement without the fatigue.


Still would love to hear the PS500. That may be a future upgrade. 

I'm one of the few who actually prefer the RS2i to the RS1i for it's slightly more aggressive sound. 

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Originally Posted by GREQ View Post


I'm one of the few who actually prefer the RS2i to the RS1i for it's slightly more aggressive sound. 


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I like this review of325 from amazon.com:


"...Grado understands EARS AND BRAINS as opposed to frequency response curves & marketing hooks. They may be ugly, have AWFUL packaging, but they will make love to your ears. BTW don't take the logo circles off as many sites encourage as an "upgrade". I did, and shortly put them back on. Grado is an eminently talented engineer.."



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Because you will, at this level of expenditure, be using your new headphones for years to come, you would think about "doing it right."


I climbed the Grado ladder from Sr225i to Sr325i (only a 15 % improvement over the 225s for $100 more) to ultimately the PS500, little brother to the famed PS1000, at $1100 to $1500.  PS500's around $500.  Previous to this journey it was all about Koss in the bad old days, and then Sony.


When you purchase the PS500s, and you will, be sure to also order the larger Grado over the ear cups.  Much more comfort, wider sound stage, and more realistic "at the concert" experience.


Assuming you will not be roller blading or skate boarding through malls, parking lots, and parks, you will not care one wit about appearance.


These '500s are super efficient, low impedance, gems, and need no amplifier,  You will possibly require an adapter....1/4 down to 1/8 inch.  You will also require an extension cord if you plan to be further away than 5 feet from your source.  When you do get the extension, be faithful to the same cord thickness as the original, which is a dirty little secret that Bose, with it's tiny little filament has neglected......thick, robust cord, less resistance, more faithful sound delivery.  Sturdier.


PS500.  You won't be sorry.

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Well this depends on the taste... I have the SR325i, the PS500 and a modded Alessandro Pro and the HF1. Technically the PS500 is not a bad headphone. It just has a midbass hump that makes it not as versatile as the HF1, SR325 or the Alessandro pro. With some albums it sounds great and with others I find the bass to strong. For my ears the SR325i is more neutral than the PS500. In the end most of the listening time here get the Alessandro pro and the SR325i, though I really like the HF1, too. Great value for money....

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I got to sample the RS2i and the PS500 and I came away totally unimpressed with both. Testing was done on a high end CD player/DAC combo at the store (sorry, I forgot specifics).


PS500 reminded me of the SR-80 with more bass. Mind you, I like the SR-80 and it was one of the first higher-end headphones I owned, but some additional bass is not worth a $500 "upgrade".


RS2i just had a flat, dull sound to it. This always gets recommendations for rock/metal, but they weren't doing it for me.


I actually came away preferring both heavily to the GS1000 though.

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i prefer most of the lower grados to the GS1000, though its a pretty nice headphone for low lvl listening. and right now, i think i might have a preference to RS1, 325, HF2/PS5000 to the flagship ps1000, which seems like a more aggressive U shaped version of the SR325is

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Originally Posted by Dubstep Girl View Post

i prefer most of the lower grados to the GS1000, though its a pretty nice headphone for low lvl listening. and right now, i think i might have a preference to RS1, 325, HF2/PS5000 to the flagship ps1000, which seems like a more aggressive U shaped version of the SR325is

You know that kind of talk could land you in trouble tongue.gif

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Originally Posted by MarkBench View Post


PS500.  You won't be sorry.

I prefered the 325 to the 500.  Too much mid bass for me. 

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I noticed only the HF-1 model was commented on in this thread -- along with the other listed Grados for comparison sake.


I just committed to my 3rd pair of Grados a short bit ago, the PS-500.  The RS1i was purchased a couple of weeks back, the HF-2 was purchased yesterday (3rd time owning it), as well as the Magnum (Turbulent x) drivers for my upcoming custom build.


I really love the RS1i signature.  It really pleases me and my listening habits.  So, with that said, you're all probably wondering why the leap for the HF-2, the PS-500 and the custom Magnum, too.  Well, I figured I want to have them all for testing and quite possibly pare back to two pair based upon how I feel about the sound of each.


Curiosly, though, I'm wondering if anyone has directly compared the HF-2 to the PS-500?  I've read through plenty of threads from here, and various sites that seem to indicate the HF-2 is "like" the PS-500, or the PS-500 is "like" the HF-2 ... depending on where you read it.  I suspect when these comparisons are made, the people are initially talking about the construction with the aluminum cup, the mahogany inserts in the cups, etc. I have also read that some like the contruction of the HF-2 slightly more as the outer cups are actual anodized aluminum as opposed to the "spray on" finish over the aluminum cups of the PS-500.  I'm also sure some of such comments are taking the sound into consideration, too.  I'm just not sure to which degree.


So, any comments on the HF-2 vs. the PS-500?  I'm interested to hear how the signature varies, if it does?  Soon enough, I'll be able to hear both, but was just looking for some input to tide me over for the next 4 days or so until the PS-500 arrives.


Thank you!

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IIRC, there were plenty of PS500 vs. HF-2 debates in Grado fan club thread.

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I'm currently using sr325is and thinking about upgrading to either rs2 or rs1.

I'm also wondering if I should go for the oldies with buttons and thinner cable or the "i" ones. 

I think I'll go for the old school ones. I don't care about audiophile details that much any more.

And I hate the weight of the cable on my sr325is and that humongous jack weighting more than my ipod. 

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Hey Guys,


I am here to simply be maybe the odd guy out throwing in my 2 cents.  For me the SR325i's are simply amazing.  Maybe im not the best person on the subject as I have not had the budget to buy better but honestly I cant imagine anything better.  People always say the 325's are harsh and hard to listen to, but I have had mine for many a year now (8 or so) and think the same as I have always thought...  they are awesome, amazing, fantastic and wonderful.  As for shrill I just don't get it.  They do pronounce the bright hyperactive quality but shrill is hardly a word id use to describe their sound.  Instead I would use lively and engaging (isn't that a good thing?).  As for depth, when bass lines hit, I find them to be EXTREMELY deep.  Deeper than any set i've ever tried before or since.  What I like most of all is it seems they not only go super deep, but they also prove to hold it together crisp and clean and not at all flappy.  I remember when got the grados I was using some high end Bose headphones I had gotten...  obviously there was little to compare quality wise, but I do remember the bass being both lower (deeper), louder and more clean by miles than the Bose.  I remember how distinctive the high's were even when the bass was deep and low simultaneously.  The bose would seemingly shatter whatever hi's were happening while the bass was hitting.


I like to listen to all sorts of music and have never had an unpleasant experience with my Grados.  So I guess what I am asking is what do you guys mean by "shrill".  Am I missing something?  Do my ears not work right?  Did everyone here saying they are shrill give them ample time to burn in?  I'd love to understand what it is I don't understand because for me, the SR325is are the pinnacle of awesome audio.


Personally I love my SR325i's...  Why do people love to hate on em?



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