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Getting first pair of headphones, maybe ath-m50 but wondering about others? suggestions please?

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So I have never really listened to many headphones, I have always used earbuds (skullcandy, sony) and currently using the klipsch is4. My friend has some souls and he kept raving that they "are WAY better than beats!" so I tried them and they seemed alright, but for $300 bucks? Hell no... so I decided I could find better, and I came across this site.


I am a noob to all this audiophile stuff, but I have read a little bit in the forums for a week or so, then just decided to sign up. I am thinking about the audio technica ath-m50 and they are the most expensive I can go (170 on amazon for the white ones, really like the look of them with white) 170 is literally as high as I can go cause I dont even have that much and I asked my mom and she agreed to help me out a little bit.


But then I am reading more on this, and I find I might need an amp because I am using my droid razr as my main music device, also my pc sometimes which has a cheap 20 dollar siig pci sound card. I also saw something that cyanogenmod can support a usb dac?... and I have cm9 (mainly for the dsp manager) so I suppose getting one of those could be a possibility in the future..


I listen to rock (metalcore, post-grunge, punk, funk, reggae) dubstep (excision-ish) and a little hip-hop/rap

For my rock I like to hear the bass, like a really good thump in the kick drums n such, and really crisp highs. generally on my cm9 dsp manager the eq is a v shape and bass boost is set to slight (this will most likely need to be adjusted with new phones but that is the sound I like with my klipschs)


What I am looking for:

$170 or lower (my mom barely agreed on that price)

Isolation (I dont wanna hear people around me and I dont want them hearing my music)

Easy to drive (even though a portable dac/amp could be possible in the future, maybe? needs to work good without one though)

Preferably circum-aural (maybe supra-aural if they have good comfort/isolation)

Some style (I dont wanna look too goofy but in the end I would choose sound over looks)

Comfort (as I will be using them a LOT but I can sacrifice a little if they have great sound for the price)

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If you want the same quantity (amount) of bass, but with slightly better quality, you can try the Sony XB700. They are also significantly lower than the 170 USD price point you have set.


They look like monster truck tires to me, though.

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Hmmm yes I have seen those... maybe I should have specified I want them kind of portable. Flat-folding or collapsible, I will be taking them around with me a lot. Those Sony's look huge and bulky
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Anyone? Ive been reading about the Ultrasone dj1 and the Denon dnhp700, how do these compare to the ath m50? Comfort, sound, isolation, easy to drive n all that stuff?

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No experience with the Dj1 yet, but you can take a look at the Shure SRH750dj or the HFI series from ultrasone. I liked more the ultrasone over the M50's in most aspects. 

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The black M50's are available for $125 at Amazon.  I have some and I love them with a Fiio E10.




If you do Ebay you can pick up a Klipsch Image One set that sounds pretty good for about $60 bucks.  Best Buy still sells them for $150. That would leave you some extra cash to blow on a DAC like a Fiio7 to get the most out of them.  Or there are some good bass boost cmoy amps on Ebay that will run really cheap.  They come with great feedback.



Or.......Buy the black M50's for $125 and pick up a bass boost cmoy amp on Ebay (or one from JDS labs if you want one that really highly recommended).  Total price about $185 (sorry Mom) 


When you get the M50's, put some of Mom's favorite songs on and let her sample.   Good luck getting them back.

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So the m50s wont do good without an amp? I mean cause I really want the white... may be spending more for nothing but a paint job but the white looks badass to me lol. And if I didnt get white then I dunno cause the oval cups look kinda ugly to me in black, but I like them with white. Circle cups always look good though. That seems dumb I know, but I wanna be completely satisfied with what I get so yeah

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Just a suggestion if you stay with the M50...     you might want to get the m50 limited edition before they are all gone.... 




They are not white but they are not black either...   one advantage is the ear pads is still black and probably more available than if you ever needed to change out the ear pads on the white ones.. 


also, another good option for the M50 phones is the Fiio E17...  that way you get a DAC and an Amp to work with just about any source...

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M50's will sound just fine without an amp, I've got the LE's.  But since you like some bass heavy music you could easily add a good bass boost amp and have your mind blown with any decent cans. 




If you buy the white M50's you will probably not regret it. 

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I like the m50s. Another one to consider is the Philips citiscape uptowns. They also come in light grey color.

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I'm seriously considering the DJ1s... I was reading some comparisons between them and the M50s, they seem similar in sound from what people say. DJ1s look sleeker too. I feel like the M50s have more of a U shape and the DJ1s are C shaped, you know? Which makes me think DJ1s would do better hanging around my neck (more space between them and my neck/chin?) I dunno never worn headphones this big like that though.. but since these are pretty much gonna be going everywhere with me and I wont always have a bag to put them in or a place to set them... I have read the DJ1s aren't so comfy worn for too long, and that M50s win for isolation as well... then again I crank my music anyways, haha. I dunno I feel both of them are calling me lol. Oh and I could get like a Fiio e6 with the DJ1s too! Gah... I just had to keep reading about other options and now I REALLY cant make up my mind!

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Actually... I can get the DJ1s with the Fiio E11 for $175. I've heard it's a great portable amp. I think I might go for the DJ1s then! Is there any blaring flaws in the DJ1s that I should know about before I pull the trigger? What Ive heard about the comfort aspect is what I'm worried about... I suppose I can always return them if I am really not happy

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