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Optical Splitter or Switcher ?

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I have XFI XtremeMusic card ( Should be replaced to Asus card soon with Optical to test optical sound cause people said it's better, it's especially for gaming + movies ). + PS3 + Tv thing cable company with optical ( I forgot it's name ) :B

So the thing is i wont know what i need, and what i need to connect to.



I have Logitech 5500 Digital + XFI Xtreme + PS3 + TV cable thing to see Tv channels.


1. Now if i keep the XFI i'll need everything to be connected to the Logitech 1 Opti, which means i need Splitter or Switcher and why ? Ps3 + Tv thing


2. If i buy the Asus card with the optical i will want it to be connected to Switch or splitter and where the rest will be ? Ps3 + Tv thing.


Hard to explain i hope someone understood.


Cause i want quality and easy function like if i need to change output or hearing simultaneously, or when that's possible ?



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Monoprice has one. Reviews are mixed, but it's $6. Check out their optical cables, too.


For optical output, I've used the first version of the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro for years.

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