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Allround, decent-looking Headphones 200$-400$

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Hey Guys! I'm new here. =)

I listen a lot to RnB, Dubstep, Indierock, pop and lots of random stuff. I'm currently searching for a pair of "Portable" headphones, i'm going to wear them when i'm travelling (flying) and in school and at home so I want them to be pretty good on the go.
I've been looking at WeSC Chambers Street and I wasn't satisfied with the sound quality so I thought I'd look for another pair!

I checked out the Audio Technica ATH M50' and I liked them but.. I want headphones with detachable cord because it's more portable then a 3m cord hanging if your just walking around. And.. I think I can find a pair of more attractive headphones!

A friend of mine bought a pair Of Bowers&Wilkins P5's and he thought they were great! I like those exept that they got a split cord and I find that annoying haha.. 


I know that everyone doesn't have the same taste in terms of sound and music but generally what do you like? :)

I want a pair of headphones with..

  • Detachable Cord
  • Well designed&Good looking
  • Pretty flat sound
  • Somehow portable
  • Durable 
  • Not that much sound leakage 
  • Comfortable enough to listen 4 hours in a row!
  • Between 200 - 400$


I care about the looks of the headphones but the first priority is of course the sound!

I like fashion that's why I don't want to walk around with a pair of cans the size of wheels.. ;)  I can make compromises on everything but this is the way i'm going for.. But I may change my mind depending on awnsers and other stuff!

I'm also probably going to buy a new portable headphone amp/dac pretty soon!

I want your opinion!

I've looked at theese, what do you think?

  • AKG K550
  • Bowers&Wilkins P5
  • AKG K 702
  • Shure SRH 750 DJ
  • WeSC Street Chambers




By the way.. What headphones are you using? atsmile.gif

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For portability, and the fact that you listen to some bassy music, but still want a pretty neutral response, I'd recommend the AKG K550. The K702's are also good, but they are nowhere near portable, and they don't have basshead type bass. Headphones I'm using? AKG Q701. My perfect sounding headphones.

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I'd also put in a word for the k550s, though they don't have the removable cable that you are looking for. Another one I'd suggest is the Denon D2000, though they have a cable going into both ears, which you also aren't too fond of. The two are pretty similar in terms of sound and price so maybe I just added to your dilema..

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I actually have the WesC Chambers Premium and they are far from neutral, sound great and fun to me, but yea... Like you said, the Chambers arent for you i'd guess...


I'd vote for the K550's too, sound pretty neutral, but they're massive....


I actually walked around with some Pioneer HDJ-2000's (same size as the K550's) and they were always around my neck or on my head...

On my neck i had trouble looking around at times, looking down... I mean I thought I could deal with using huge headphones, but it gets irritating as time goes on...


Have you considered any Ultrasones?


They look great, the Pro series has detachable cables, and i've heard they're amazing....

I unfortunately havent been able to try any out yet, but I've heard the pro 750's or 900's are amazing... they might need amps tho....

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Ok I really like the AKG K550's and they look awesome!  The only thing that I find really disturbing is the cord.. I could really use a detachable one.. Anyone who knows how to do that btw? :D

I'm going to try out a pair of Denon AH- D2000 tomorrow if I can find a store who sells them here in sweden.. :)

Thanks for the answers sofar! :D

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Hey guys, random but I went to the store a couple of hours ago and came home with a pair of brand new Black Audio Technica ATH M50's, I totally fell inlove with that sound! OMG! They're amazing, I ended up with not caring how they looked.. Allthough these look pretty fkn nice! ;)

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sound professionals sell the m50 in black, white Nd the limited edition and they can mod it with a detachable cable.
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