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Your childhood stuff

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In here share your childhood related audio-gears, music, songs that still makes you feel good about the world.

As a child I spend many hours listening to my parents music cassette with the sony CF 530 L. After my family moved to a different country I couldnt take that beast with me, but I managed to bring the first  ever AM radio I owned, which by the way still works! I will try to find it and take a picture of it hopefully soon.



I still remember the bass impact they had! And yes those two round things in the corner from memory are infact tweeter drives! It even had a decent EQ steup!

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I still remember my first portable cassette player.  It was a large PINK Toshiba that I paid $40 for.  Then it was a pair of Sony MDR-V6 headphones that I paid $99 for,  I was so happy.

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In high school, my parents had full size speakers, receiver, etc... and it sounded good but I seemed happier with a cheap plastic boom box. These days, I wouldn't be caught dead with a boom box but in a pinch, they can be decent.


I used to love cassettes but these days, I seem to dislike them. I do have fond memories of those Maxell cassettes though. 


Slightly off topic: I'm curious if cassette is a French word. It does sound French.

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My parents had a stereo system, like full size speakers and receiver, turntable, CD player and all of that. In fact, I still have all the components and speakers, save for the CD player which died a few years ago. The speakers were Sony SS-U500. I loved those, and still do enjoy listening to them. But my Pioneer CS-77's took the spot as top dog since I got them about a year ago.


The receiver was a Pioneer SX-40. I still love that as well, although it needs the speaker relays replaced. Love the green display, I remember staring at it as a kid being fascinated with just how music was being created in front of me, by that device. And the turntable is still being used as well, Pioneer PL-4. Heck, my dad had a pair of Sony studio monitors, which I forget the model of, but they resemble the MDR-V600. I remember being thrilled when he let me use them, because I thought they sounded great. (Compared to my dollar store ones my mom got me lol).


And yeah, I love cassette tapes. My parents never really got into them, as they went from vinyl to CD. However, I acquired quite a few as a kid. I remember listening to Green Day's Dookie on cassette (the tape was blue).

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You guys are all a bunch of youngsters...


My parents had a big "console" TV with a built-in AM/FM stereo radio on one end and a record changer on the other.  This thing was ~6 feet long, made of solid wood and had hinged wooden lids on the top over the radio controls and the turntable.  It was similar to this one:






I bought my first system in 1977.  It was a Kenwood 40 wpc integrated amp and a matching tuner, with a Hitachi cassette deck and a Technics direct drive turntable.  It had a pair of "DWD Audio" 3-way speakers with 12" woofers and rear-facing 12" passive radiators.  I think they were made in Fresno, CA.  The speakers were definitely the weak link in the system - I blew the tweeter out of one of them a couple of years later, and the woofers eventually disintegrated.  I also had a pair of Sennheiser HD414 'phones - they were better than my speakers!





Thank gawd for google & ebay - I can't believe I found a picture of those speakers!

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A pencil and a cassette.

That's the special relationship existed in my childhood years...

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Haha this omg! :(

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Actually now that I think about it, my family was definitely into audio.  My sister had one of these - it folded-up like a suitcase - except her's was light blue:





My Mom had this baby and a box of big band 45's and 78's.  I used it to listen to Chipmunk's Christmas songs:





My older brother (who had ALL the cool stuff) had a portable reel-to-reel tape recorder.  It was a different model from this one (older I think), but it was similar:



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I do have a 1972 Thorens turntable currently as my turntable. It was never part of my childhood but I did buy it a couple years ago from eBay. 

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My first record player looked similar to this.  I was around 4 years old at the time.  The only record I had was Frosty the Snowman.  biggrin.gif





I was given a record player similar to this when I was a little older to go in my room.  I don't remember what happened to it, probably thrown in the trash at some point.  confused.gif



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images (1).jpg



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Seriously, with that post, you've basically recreated my youth. My parents and I would listen to Simon and Garfunkel all the time. We had their vinyl and cassettes tapes, CD's too. But the biggest thing was the cassette recorder. I had one that looked so close to that. It was an Emerson. I remember that stuff man. It's crazy how time flies.

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My very first albums


The Beatles - 1962-1966 (The Red Album)



The Beatles - 1967-1970 (The Blue Album)



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