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I gave up reading at page 3 so I'm sorry if the thread's already reached a resoluteion, but I think the K550 is perfect. It looks great, isolates wlel, but is still a true audiophile can. I think the PSB would be a bit too modern for who you're working with (trust me, I haven't worn a normal-fitting pair of jeans in years and all my shirts are for obscure Icelandic post-rock bands), but the K550 strikes the whole style perfectly while still being a great headphone.

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There are so many good products in this price range that it'd be almost impossible to audition all of them with any convenience.

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I'm surprised this thread has gotten these many replies. My gut is telling me the OP is a troll. Every time I read the title, well, it sounds pretty bogus. Not to mention the last time the OP was on HF was two weeks ago - when he started this thread.

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what would he be trolling for, there's some pretty fun comments and it's rather interesting to see how people reply to the question.  He probably got enough ideas and doesn't see the need to check in every day for no reason. I wish I could be more like that :)

Just my 2 cents.

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I doubt he was trolling, but it wasn't a typical question, that's for sure. If he was trolling, maybe he was looking to see how many serious responses he could get for his own personal amusement. 

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The K550 is a really classy looking and beautifully made and really comfortable headphone. A headphone that is designed for the 40+ crowd.

Sound wise I feel they are lacking. A bit thin sounding and some weird spikes in the upper mids or treble making them a bit fatiguing for long time listening. M50 is a better sounding headphone even though that headphone have it shares of flaws too.

A really cool looking (a bit hipstery) headphone is the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. Nice big Beyer soundstage but with a warmer and smoother sound than the typical Beyer.

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