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Most of the models in the grab bag are on Flash right now. Just FYI if you're looking for one of em in particular.

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I ordered yesterday morning and had my confirmation email last night... I went running with my wife's m11's last night and they actually sound very good for what they are. I will not be dissapointed if that's what I get. 

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I got my confirmation email yesterday with my tracking info.  I'm guessing they probably won't be here until Thursday/Friday but that's okay since I didn't pay for any expedited shipping.  I'll be excited to see what comes biggrin.gif

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Really did not need the pair I bought, so I ended up selling the SP51P for $31.  Profit of $10.  Use that to save up for more headphones.



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So i have been experimenting witht he M11+ and the tips.  they came witht he very wide and short bi-flanges.  I actually found them quite comforable and if i just crack one edge to get slightly less of a perfect seal; it sounds pretty damn amazing.  It adds a lot of deapth, and tames the bass just enough, without making it too thin and adds a nice airyness to the whole signature.  I wonder what cutting the smallest (.5 - 1.0 MM) hole in the tip would do?  

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Recieved the R1.


[tl;dr] Fun headphone with the right tips [/tl;dr] .

The stock silicones had this weird issue where the central tunnel would close due to the shape of my ear canal changing (when opening my mouth or moving my head up and down). My sony hybrids also did this, along with several other silicones I had lying around. Luckily I have a pair of comply's. Not only did they fix the weird issue with the center tube, but they nulled out the sound, bringing the bass and highs a little down, and closing in the already small soundstage even more. Now they have a little 'scoop' to them. Really fun for on the go, in your face, and isolation is decent even with the vent in the back. Design is nice, thick lacquer over the wood gives it a plasticky feel, but the housing is definitely entirely wood. Great cable and 90 plug agrees with my clip+. Microphonics are there; less with foam and shirt clip.


Your not going to get extreme detail or a refined sound, but they are fun for on the go. The stock tips really do suck. Bad. Most silicone sounded bad now that I think about it.


I might have even payed amazon's $24 for these. But that's only since I already had the comply's.

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Should be getting mine today!

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I just went out to the mailbox and found a package from MEE.  I got the SP51P - no other goodies but I'm quite pleased as it's the one I wanted.  smily_headphones1.gif

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M31's without any accessories frown.gif


I really wanted some m11's! Oh well... you roll the dice. Not bad for under $20. 

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I got the m11's p with an extra case, winder, and ear guides! I really wanted to try out the sp51 but the m11's are ten times better than my brainwavez betas that I currently use for iPhone, so I'm happy. The tips selection alone is great and I love thier cases, so that's cool too.

The tips work beautify for my new jvc fx80s, so all in all not bad for 20$
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HT-21s... not the running IEM I had hoped for but hopefully they'll stay on my head well enough.

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I have a pair of M6's that I've never bonded with if you want to work something out... I'll pm you. 


And if anyone gets a set of m11's that they don't want, get in touch!

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I have a pair of m6 as well but cold never get a good fit with over ear models, even with the wire removed mod....they just sit in a drawer abandoned!
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i also got m31ps

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The M31's are growing on me. The bass can be a little much, but I found it to be a bit more manageable if you closed off the holes at the back of the buds. Anyone else try this? 

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