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I ordered Friday just after noon, still no tracking. I had gotten priority mail so that it would get here before I leave for a month on Thursday.... Looks like it's just gonna cook in my mailbox for a month.

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Originally Posted by Zophiel View Post

I have my wife checking on it for me.  i couldn't decide if i want her to open it for me and email the the model number, or just wait till i get home tonight and open my self :-p 


I'm of the school of thought that I'd want to open it myself. Mainly because when I told my girlfriend that I had ordered a set she rolled her eyes. She just doesn't understand why I do this :p

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would any of these be an upgrade from a set of Sennheiser CX400 II ?
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Got home and I got the SP51P and some accessories - some sorta Plug (someone will tell me what it is I am sure) and a Headphone Cord Wrap.


Not bad for $20.95.  Seems it is worth about $50ish all together?






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looks like an airplane adapter to me

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Lucky! Isn't that the "Best" phones that you can get? That plug is an airline adaptor by the way ^_~

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Mine is waiting in my mailbox at home. Can't wait to leave work in about 90 minutes to go see which I got. And lucky you on the SP51P! The adapter looks airline to me as well, I don't know many places that use a dual mono to stereo. Most of the airlines I use now have proper stereo on the seats.

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Originally Posted by stevenlongs View Post

looks like an airplane adapter to me

Cool, was wondering what it was.  Never been on a plane that needed it.  Maybe overseas planes have them?



Originally Posted by Erecent View Post

Lucky! Isn't that the "Best" phones that you can get?

I think so!  biggrin.gif  Lucky me!




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I got the "lowly" M11 with no accessories :(

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Welp, I got the M31P. Bit sad I didn't get the SP51P as I was really looking forward to seeing how well the changeable sound came into effect. Didn't get any of the extra goodies either. But on the plus side, I still got this one for cheaper than on amazon. So these will be going to be my replacements for my M6 at work. Now to order a pair of Comply 400s. Already have the 500s for the M6, but they won't fit the newbie, sadly. But, being the moron/easily amused person I am, I ordered another one from MEE. If I get a second set of the M31, then I have a great gift for a friend, and if I get one of the other 2, I'll keep that for my greedy self.

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Got the m11+, silver.  It looks good. breaking it in now.  I wanted the cw31/sp51, but m21 and m11+ where my second tier.  No accessories other then the cord wrap and airplane adapter that came with it.  Glad i didn't get the R1!, lol


I think the m11+ is already better than the m6, we'll see in 50 hours. 

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I feel the same about this M31p vs my M6. The build quality on it feels great. The M6 sound great, but feel cheap and that formed plastic piece that goes over the ear is annoying to get into a comfortable position some days. So I think this replacing my M6 will be great for durability. Also, man these things are bass happy :P Listening to Muse right now, and I know they're fresh out of the box but man that's a lot of bass. Hope it pulls back a tiny bit as they break in. On the other hand, Transcendence by Lindsey Stirling sounds excellent for $20! I think the only IEM I have currently that makes her sound better is my HF3.


So for anyone who ordered the MEE What-P, you should be happy to know that the M31P is worth the price of admission to the grab bag. Now I need to go test this mic on these. Wonder how they work over the ear, since the mic is placed for hanging instead of wrapping around. My only issue is that I really prefer complys to MEEs buds, and I don't have any 400s.

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Are the 400s the ones with the slightly wider opening?  My m11+s have a slightly larger opening than the M6, which have a certain comply tip compatibility as well.  



The m11+s have a bit more bass than i like, as well. 

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My M6 uses the 500 complys. I'm trying to locate my spares right now to see how they grab onto the M31/P, but Comply's site states that they should be using the 400. So I ordered a set of 3 of those. MEE claims that your M11 would use 400s. I imagine the 400s are a bit bigger, but I was able to force the 500s on the M31P with just a bit of pressure/coaxing. Already dramatically improved! Comfort just shot up. So yeah, you can fit the 500s on an MEE headphone which Comply recommends the 400s.

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i'd be careful about using something with an inappropriately (smaller) sized hole, and what they may do to the sound.  The side that you squeezed over the tip is fine, but the output hole is smaller.  Then again, this may actually tame the bass more. 


Its essentially adding a small filter to your iem. 

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