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For Sale: FS: Unique Melody Miracle

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For Sale:
FS: Unique Melody Miracle

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've decided to move on from these babies for a different sound signature. These are less than a year old (purchased late September 2011) and in great shape. These have always been used indoors and for casual listening. I still have the original faux leather box and the rest of the manuals/frequency charts to ship these with.


The shells are a clear smoke in color, but you will need to get these reshelled. I'll do a free ship via priority mail for U.S. shipments.


These are still under warranty, although let me double check if it can be transferred. In any case, the condition on these is mint, so you should have no problems whatsoever. These IEMs have been much loved and babied, so you can be assured about the upkeep. For any more information, feel free to pm me.


$550 for these, if you can take care of paypal charges. I'll take care of shipping.


For any non-U.S. buyers, please contact me for international shipping surcharges.

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PM sent.
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Sold, Pending receipt of partial funds.

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Hi, I would like to order Miracle too for custom.


How did you send your impressions to China. It tooks more than $100 for shipping. 



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