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Wait til you get these before you worry about improving the isolation. They aren't that bad . My wife stole these from me and wears them in bed next to me quite often and I don't hear them leaking sound. It is possible they may suit your needs just fine. 

i found a way to improve the isolation maybe, i stuffed a ring of cardboard around 0.7cm inside the ear pad, theirs a groove inside, and i made the earpad stick out a bit farther, making it a bit less loose on the head, its not as comfortable as before, but i find it perfectly fine. i'll update with picture in bit.


isolation now is okay, on my iphone i turn it to near 50% about 45-50% and even in subway its okay i hear the occasional ambient noise, but mind you i'm in Toronto and the subway here is fairly modern (quiet, i can't vouch for older, noisier subway system though)

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okay an update on the isolation with the cardboard trick


i turned my music on my iphone to 50% 


i shuffled random music on my macbook pro right in front of me at 60% on itunes


i wasn't able to make out what song i was playing on my macbook. bits of the song was heard


at about 70% more, the music on my macbook was heard through my headphones, i could probably figure out what song it was if i was concentrating but otherwise it was fine.



in comparison to monoprice 8323s--> whose isolation is i would say above average being closed over ear headphones 

i did the same thing 


turned the music on my iphone at 50% 

and shuffled random music on my macbook pro but this time at 70%.


i wasn't able to hear the song playing on my macbook 


it was only after about 80-90% i was able to figure it out


and lastly i did a final comparison with kilpsch image s4is--> in-ear monitor


this time i turned my music on my iphone to about 40-45% and on my macbook i turned the music to 100% 


i heard nothing. 


hopefully this can help others out regarding the isolation on the noontecs.


personally i was worried about the isolation a lot upon ordering these but i was surprised it wasn't as bad as i was hearing from others. its about average in my books =) very glad i made the purchase 

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this is for anyone out there thats interested 

 dealsnoop is having their deal on noontecs again for $79


too bad i would have bought it off them and saved myself the shipping but they replied to my request too late. but i did get for 83.99 or 99$ including shipping

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I'm kind of suprised that no one suspects that these originally started as Beats Solo counterfeits and someone decided to make them legit while avoiding US customs issues by marketing them under a brand name...noontec. Change the logo, tweak the mold, use some better components and voila...a headphone that you can sell as a legit product without getting sued. I know that beats studios fakes go for ~$100-130.
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I guess someone did mention to answer another question..don't worry about noontec counterfeits. I still like em lol
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Originally Posted by Cloudapro View Post

I guess someone did mention to answer another question..don't worry about noontec counterfeits. I still like em lol

i still like them,i agree with you the fact that they look like beats solos too much has me thinking now that its a bad idea. they honestly look too much like fakes. and gives them a bad rep. 


i feel annoyed trying to explain to people that their not just "really" bad fakes (at least the fake beats have the "b" logo.

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i still like the sound of the noontecs a lot


i originally was stuck between the noontecs and the philips downtown citiscapes. Even though i paid about $99 for them. The detactable cable (increasing longevity) and the ample padding on the headband, along with the headband colour (grey) won me over. ( i wear my headphones around my neck so the i was worried about the headband getting dirty from the sweat from my neck). 


however now i see the a the downtowns at a local winners for $40 (before tax) has me thinking i may have may have made the wrong choice..


originally it was the great isolation to ambient noise, headband durability and the comfortable cushions of the headphones, and especially the UNIQUE style that drew me towards the downtowns. 


i wish to retract my earlier statement about the the noontecs being average in isolation. i honestly feel its slightly below average in that regard, due to the it not clamping on my head tight enough (i honestly think its loose). and the vents on speakers themselves (you'll see 4 of them of under the part of the speakers "ossilate/rotate".


if noontec can blend the philips downtowns isolation with the noontecs sound, i think we have the winner for one of the best under 100 dollar headphones ever! styling i think you can't go wrong with either downtowns or the zoros



its not loose but not tight either, personally i still think noontec should tighten the headband, increase its isolation by sealing the vents, but maintain its beautiful sound, even if it means increasing its price tag.


i would still pay 150 for them if they fix this


i look forward to their next iteration of the zoros, in fact i'm very excited!!

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this is just an update to my earlier post about adding the cardboard to the inside of the earpads to make them more "plump" in an attempt to increase its isolation by making the headband stretch farther or tighter


i took them off and found the comfort it increase by at least 80% before with the cardboard i can only wear it for max an hour before my ear starts hurting, now i can wear them for hours without discomfort, yes there is a little sweating but minimal.


as for the isolation i think because of the increased distance between the drivers and the ears, you would have to turn it louder to make it drown out hte background


in summary, the cardboard trick doesn't work, it reduces the sq i think damages the highs on these cans and makes it more uncomfortable.


the isolation is bit better now and i don't have to turn it up another click or two on my iphone, soo its back to average in isolation for me (i'm still using them on my commute to school, i just need about 4-5 clicks on my iphone volume).

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Picked them up after Tyll's recommendation and I have to say that they are amazing! The CAL! had been my favourite sub 100 buck headphone but the Zoro just dethroned them. The only issues that I have with the Zoro are the earpads size and the "beats-que" look! The earpads seem to be a little on the smaller side for me but I can still live with biggrin.gif. I have a complete review on my blog. Next stop, the Soundmagic hp100 wink.gif.

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Has anyone tried those with Solo earpads?

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Originally Posted by Hal Rockwell View Post

Has anyone tried those with Solo earpads?

they don't work

the solos have clips that latch onto the headphone


the zoros earpads are not removable i think

their on there pretty good. too afraid to pull anymore risking tearing the earpads so not risking it

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The Zoro's pad is removable. It's a little pain in the ass to get it back on because the grooves on the cups are so narrow and tight.

The Clips on the solo's can be removed from the pads and than you just left with a regular pad.

Anyway, I just ordered a pair of Solo replacement pads. I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes as soon as I'll receive them.

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oh, that's cool! Eagerly awaiting the results of the Solo replacement pads experiment smily_headphones1.gif

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So...I guess there's an "HD" version of these now out? Interesting...


Steve Guttenberg review on CNet.

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