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I can try to answer your questing regarding the Zoro's vs the JVC S500, all IMO of course. First of all, the Zoro's are much more efficient and thereby they are much louder at a given volume compared to the S500. This factor gave me a slight volume matching issue when I compared them directly.


Starting at the bottom. The bass level of the S500 is much more pronounced than what's coming from the Zoro's that I feel presents almost the perfect amount of bass.


The midrange is pushed further back on the S500 when compared to the Zoro's, but they do sound very clean and they have somewhat of an addicting presentation in this particular area. But the major problem to me at least was that I constantly wished that there was more of it! In particular when I focus on vocals where I felt that the width of the vocals is only around 2-3 inches wide out of around 10 inches of soundstage, if this makes any sense?  If I could get one inch or more added to the "width" of  vocals then I believe that they could sound really great.  Maybe bringing down the bass a notch using EQ could help, but I haven't tried. 


The treble of the S500 are not on the same level as the bass, so I feel the balance is skewed towards a stronger bass presentation than treble presentation and when I compared them to the Zoro's these sounds to me to have a better balance. I also noticed one thing when listening to the S500. On certain tracks and/or albums I experienced a veil.  I'm yet not quite sure what's causing it, but I most certainly heard it. Listening to the same tracks with either the Zoro's or V-80, then the veil wasn't there. 


Anyway, I believe the S500 in particular sounds at it's best when used when listening to trance/electronica/dubstep, but I did find the Zoro's sound signature/presentation to be more versatile and they basically sounds great with almost any other type of music that I just mentioned.  


The price of the S500 are hard to beat and maybe the best portable headphone with a V-shaped signature that I have heard below $100.

But I do prefer the Zoro's much better due to my own personal preferences which favor a more flatter balance and more forward mids.



Now the funny part actually is that I don't have Zoro's anymore ;-((  Our oldest teenager, just left for college and yesterday I let him pick out one this trio CAL's/S500/Zoro's to take with him so he had a decent portable headphone to use in his room. He's majoring in music, vocals, so his ear for music I would very much assume are very good, otherwise I do believe that his college wasted almost a full scholarship on him!


He was not acquainted with the terminology used on HF to describe how headphones sound or he was not aware of which one of the three headphones I liked the most, he's also not the typical teenager who wears Beats and as a matter of fact he believes it's ridiculous that his peers are wearing headphones outside etc. so the design factor was pretty much ruled out as a factor in his choice as well. 


So he ended up choosing the Zoro after comparing the three headphones for an hour or so, using an iPhone as his source and with four songs that he had chosen and that represented the music he prefers. His conclusion was that the Zoro's was the most natural sounding to him. I found this very interesting!   Unfortunately for me, he took my Zoro's!

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Nice job, dad!


Nice write-up, too. Guess you'll just have to get another pair. 

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Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens View Post

Nice job, dad!


Nice write-up, too. Guess you'll just have to get another pair. 


Thanks, and I did forget to mention, I also gave him my V-moda iPhone cable, which he immediately recognized for many reasons was much better than the red stock cable.


I gave him this cable after the "test" was finished since I wanted him to make his choice when using a stock setup. 


Yes, you're right, I''ll just have to get another pair, enjoy it for a while, and then our next teenager who's going to college next year will most likely take this pair of my hands as well :-)  


But, I'll miss them both more than the Zoro's :-(

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Originally Posted by Blinxat View Post

The problem for me with these is that Beats owners probably think of this as a cheap knock-off of their "high quality, best sound ever hurr durr" headphones even if the Zoro sound better. Kind of ruins it for me, especially in public. Them not knowing would bother me. I care too much and lack confidence like that tongue.gif

Well, this is true and will always be a factor for some. :)


I have a superlux headphone in office but my colleagues think its just the normal a4tech headphone that comes with every workstation in the

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Does the black version of the Zoro come with a black or red cable? In Tyll's review, they're shown with a red cable, but I've seen other reviews of the black model where the cable is in black...

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My pair is black and comes with a black cord.

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My black pair (ordered via Amazon) came with a red cord.

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Hmmm that's interesting. Mine came from the UK via EBay so they must have slight packaging differences by region. When I have time I will take some pictures of the boxes to see what else is different.
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Originally Posted by dweaver View Post

Hmmm that's interesting. Mine came from the UK via EBay so they must have slight packaging differences by region. When I have time I will take some pictures of the boxes to see what else is different.



That makes sense, as the black ones I've seen with black cables seem to be in reviews done in the UK, and the ones with red cable seem to be in reviews done in the USA! Interesting... popcorn.gif

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Just to add, I got the black ones, and mine came with a red cable. Also bought in the US off amazon.


I really like these actually--they look pretty good for what I paid (I got the 50 dollar deal) and the sound is surprising...Definitely more flat than the JVCS500 someone mentioned earlier.  I also appreciate the detachable cable...especially since I had a thicker, higher quality cable lying around.  I like them both.

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So how would you compare the S500 to these sonically speaking from a signature perspective and details wise, especially after you burned in the the S500?
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Aww, the coupon code for these do not work any longer.  I actually was about to pull the trigger.


Do you guys know how these would fair in comparison to the D2000?  I am looking for something similar to the D2k with more portability for around $50-100.  I had the CAL! but did not like how it resembled the Klipsch Image One so much (but with better highs imo).  I was thinking of getting the Pro DJ100 or the ATH-m50, but then I stumbled across this when I saw a deal on techbargains (see below). I've never bought from Tanga so I don't know if they are reliable.




+ $4.99 shipping

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I just recieved a review pair for my next roundup review. They are indeed excellent, even OOTB. They'll be in my next portable shootout, which should be posted in a few weeks. And I think they will score very well. Just as a side note, I actually think the Beats-like styling is a potentially negative thing. Seems like a lot of potential buyers might be put off by that. People who care what others think (I don't) will know that it will be percieved as a cheap Beats knock-off, instead of the excellent sounding headphone that it is.

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I pulled the trigger from Tanga. Hopefully it will make me content so I can stop blowing off money on audio equipment. Afterall, I only have 2 ears >.<

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Hey i'm just new here. (Sorry if i have bad English) I just signed up for this particular headphone, how would you compare this to the Bose Oe2?L3000.gif choosing between the two but the Bose price almost 3 times the price of the Zoro's. PLEASE HELP ME atsmile.gif

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