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When I had O2 and LCD-2, no problem.. I did some skull crushing tests with War of the Worlds audio track.. ;-) No dynamics missing there pfffft...

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It was designed to work very well with 98% of the cans out there....


take a look at the blog its all there...



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I haven't been able to find a post if the O2 can or has been used with the Energizer XP8000 or XP18000 battery packs?

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Correct me if I am wrong but I don´t think it will work on the outside power input as it requires an AC 20V input, and that battery would only provide DC. You might make it work internally through the battery inputs though.


What´s the idea exactly?

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The Energizer battery packs provide ac power up to 20v.

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In that case it would work, but that is not what the official specs say:


Energizer XP8000 


  • Battery Cell: Lithium Polymer
  • Power Capacity: 8000 mAh
  • Rated Input: DC 19V, Max 3500 mA
  • Rated Output: 
    DC 5V, 1000 mA
    DC 12V, 3000mA
    DC 19V, 2000mA


XP18000 battery packs:


  • Battery Cell: Lithium Polymer
  • Power Capacity: 18000 mAh
  • Rated Input: DC 19V, Max 3500 mA
  • Rated Output: 
  • DC 5V, 1000 mA
  • DC 10.5V, 2000mA
  • DC 19V, 3500mA





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Is it for a ODAC + O2 combo?

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Yeah, I don't mind lugging the O2 amp around if it could have used the energizer pack.

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It is possible to build the combo with built in batteries (you can even include rca outputs on the back if you want, although I didn,t). I don´t think I have any pictures of the inside right now...




EDIT: I found one half assembled:


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Ah nvm, I guess I could replace the screws in the back with thumb screws and carry a bunch of 9v nimhs.

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Ok... This is the thing...


You are supposed to use lithium batteries rated at 9.5V, that if I remember properly are those of 7cells. Initially, as far as I know, only the 250mAh ones are rated at that voltage. The real problem is not that: I am currently using 500mAh ones rated at 8.4V and they work fine BUT, the power circuit cuts the feeding under a certain voltage, and I think it is somewhere between 7.5 and 7.7V, therefore you are not using the full capacity of the batteries... the above mentioned ones are for that reason lasting more.


Now, I found some very expensive 9V batteries rated at 500mAh on ebay coming from Japan. The other option is to actually modify the power circuitry to reduce that cut off voltage, but I have not seen anybody doing that yet, although I think it is as easy as making some calculations and replace the value of two or three resistors.


The funny stuff is that that cutoff voltage don´t allow you to turn on the device, but there is no problem on listening under that voltage if it was already on, so lets see you turn it on during the morning, and leave it on all day. You could be listening to it, and it would probably last more than 7-8hr, though I didn´t try it yet.

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Oivey, that's a shame.  I wish I could live with the hp out from my Samsung Note.

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Well, I mean, it´s not that bad, but it is not an E17... You can wait for the E18, I think it´s gonna be awesome. I´ll get one for sure.


I am going to try it probably tomorrow on my way, so might report back about it. By the way, the ODAC works flawlessly both in my Mote II and my Nexus 10. :biggrin:

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The O2/ODAC all in 1 combo isn't suited for outputting to amplified speakers right? Or you can use the headphone out as a line out in to powered speakers?


I'm just wondering what my ideal solution is if I plan to use both speakers and headphones with my PC. I want to be able to swap between them with minimal fuss/cable swapping.

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