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Looking for a powerful amp

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Hey, I'm looking for an amp for my headphones, but it most be powerful enough as I have to drive phones like the K701 and DT990 600Ohm. the badget can get even for 1K$, but of course I will be happy if it takes less. 

Please consider my K701 I have to drive too, those cans are very hard to drive, so I need a MONSTER amp for the job. my thoughts until now were about the SPL Auditor, but I just can't find it anywhere in USA or in the buyers\sellers board here (but if you know where can I get it, please tell me). I heard that this amp is very powerful, but if it's can't be gain, I'd like to get other amp with similar power.

What's important for me most of all is analytical, detailed and transparent sound, what I heard the SPL does best, so the amp most do the best job in those categories. 

Thank you!

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This section of the forum or the one dealing with portible amps amps might be the best place to post your inquiry:



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