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DIY or Factory fix? AT M50s

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So after taking my Audio Technicas to work today, I was quite surprised when the left channel cut out as i was walking through the factory with them on. After further inspection, I believe that the problem lies where the cable enters the 3.5mm jack. The spring relief has been popped out for a while and I think that the cable finally broke in a small section near the jack. 


So my first question, should I send them into AT and pay for them to replace the jack and/or cable at what ever price they give me, or should I cut the cord, shorten the length up a bit (its too long in my opinion), and re-terminate it with a new 3.5mm jack? If I do it myself, what brands of jacks would you recommend using (3.5mm of course)?


The second question, If I do send the headphones in to AT to be serviced, do you think if I requested it, they could install the coiled cord instead? I know this may cost extra but the cord is too long as it is and I'm sick of having to twisty-tie up the extra length of cord when moving around with them on. 

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if you know how to reterminate, cutting further up the cable and reterminating by yourself would be first, or you can send them to Brian at BTG Audio he can mod it to accept removable cables, or put on one of his custom cables, or both



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