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AKG K550 - Unboxing, REVIEW and measurements. The holy trifecta subjective and objective smack down. - Page 2

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No, no, that graph is really interesting. I must have glanced over the K550 measurements in the past, because I can't recall seeing such a sporadic upper mid and treble on a headphone before.


Finally got a hold of these since a few people doubted my impressions at T.H.E SHOW. According to RD, this pair sounded less offensive in the treble compared to the earlier pair he had modded. My mind hasn't changed. With the peaks and ringing, I had a extremely hard time with certain kinds of music.

Surprisingly high amount of higher order harmonic distortion. I ran the tests two more times and with another reference to make sure they were right. The second order distortion peak around 3k-4.5k makes sense and jives with the CSD results: the peaks and ringing from 6-9kHz.


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...is it August yet?  Looking forward to when the Effin' Ringers can no longer leave their doleful little cave solely for laughs/self-promotion.


Sorry, subjectively it sounds painful to me when the peaks are lit up with certain types of music, and thoroughly mediocre to me when they are not. Some people like high-frequency peaks/ringing and high levels of distortion. I'm just not one of them.


The Anti-Hype takes into account both subjective experience (which is paramount) and objective measurements, and doesn't work with rose colored glasses on.


Remember, it was not that long ago when RD was openly mocked (in the other thread, now locked) by adherents of the K550 when he mentioned the K550's resonance issues and his attempts to correct them with modifications.

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So, what's the audible/graphical difference between ringing in a specific frequency range and that same type of accentuation created directly from the driver itself?

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I think I understand your question. It can be difficult to determine whether the ringing (in this case, the sharp ridges on the waterfall plots) are the result of the driver, enclosure, or both. One way to figure this out is to use a variety of different couplers with the headphone and see what persists. The best way is to remove the driver and measure it directly. I usually take several types of measurements. In this case, I'm positive the 7kHz ringing is a result of the driver.

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Hmm, interesting. Yeah that was basically my question, just couldn't word it properly.


So I'm guessing the whole top end extravaganza is the result of a combination of the driver itself and the enclosure, correct?

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In the left channel, the 6kHz ringing is a result of the driver that could possibly be slightly exacerbated by the enclosure. The 12kHz ringing I'm not too sure. That could be an enclosure effect as I don't see it on the right driver. The pads are slightly different. But there could be variances in the drivers themselves.


I would need to disassemble the headphone and measure the isolated driver to be sure. But quite frankly, it's not worth my time. If the K550 had some truly outstanding qualities to make up for its deficiencies, or was dirt cheap, than maybe.

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Your peak has a good 5db on the measurements Tyll took of his pair.




Peak's moved up for 9khz on his as well.  Maybe QA/QC issues with phones, maybe some differences in measurement setups between yours and Tylls rigs.  Especially with closed cans - he did mention he had trouble getting a seal.

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I added a full review to the first post.  I wrote it a couple months ago but it was in the review section where no one ever goes.  This is now a rather complete analysis with the unboxing video, review, and measurements. 

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Is that really your video? Have you considered being a professional actor? You're not the Gollum guy are you?

It's a good thing you didn't actually open up the K550 on video, Youtube would have had to censor that part with the giant black..oh nevermind.

I didn't watch the whole thing, but it's strangely amusing.

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Yup, it's mine.  Thank you very much!  I was going to make a bunch more unboxing parodies but I don't think it's worth it considering how many views that one has. 

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Still 270 more than 0. wink.gif


Wondering what headphones you'd choose to do next...

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amusing vid there, Whitney smily_headphones1.gif. i love the send up of these generally pointless and silly vids. it is a bit long tho. i look fwd to the director's 'cut' wink.gif.

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Can someone measure the inside of the cups? inner pad diameter and deepness?



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Great review. 100% exactly what I hear in AKG 550 but can't describe with my own words. Thanks!

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UPDATE: Received a third K550. Mysteriously, this one sounds really good without the treble nasties of the earlier two pairs. Confirmed via measurements. Should explain why the other K550 thread turned into a train wreck. People were likely listening to headphones which sounded different. 

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You're lucky one)

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