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For Sale: Objective 2 amplifier

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For Sale:
Objective 2 amplifier

Will Ship To: CONUS

For Sale is an Objective 2 portable headphone amp in a custom rosewood case.  This IS NOT the preassembled boards you can purchase from JDS Labs.  This is the fully DIY version that was built by an individual.  I DID NOT make/do any of the solder work on this item.  It was purchased off a private party built and in the rosewood case.  The ONLY thing I did do was take a Dremel to the inside to make it easier to slide the board in and out.  I purchased the JDS Labs recommended wall-wart as well as the rechargeable batteries, both of which are included, as well as a Monoprice 3.5mm cord that is pretty beefy.  As an aside, there is an aluminum case you can purchase if your not a fan of rosewood from jdslabs that is the one you normally see this unit it.


This little amp is VERY good, I just don't need something this portable and I am finding I am enjoying using my dads Yamaha R-300 with its tone controls for my headphone amp more, so I would rather pass this along to another Polkie.  Its got a very black background and would work really nice for those who listen to headphones at work and just need something small.  It will drive just about all but the most demanding headphones, and drive them to RIDICULOUS volumes.


It uses a 3.5mm input jack and features a low and high gain setting.  There is a bunch of information on this unit all over as well as the web.


As an FYI, the creator of the Objective 2 amplifier just recently came out with a USB DAC (called the ODAC) that can be added to this unit to make it a portable USB headphone DAC, you will need some DIY soldering skills however.


Full Disclosure: When I purchased this amp it had some slight problems revolving around charging the batteries and using the wall wart, as well as with the volume attenuator.  It was examined by a electronic tech who fixed these issues.  He tested it for an extended period of time and I have been testing it as well and have NOT had any issues with it.  As of right now I am using ONLY the wall wart since I don't need it to be portable.  It works quite good in this application.


I am asking 105 shipped for it via PayPal and all fees paid.  It will shipped double boxed insured with the rechargeable batteries, wall wart. 3.5mm cord and all paperwork I have on it to this point.  The unit normally sells for 156 + shipping if you want the wall wart (which you do).  Please post interest in this thread and send me a PM as well.  Price is somewhat negotiable. 


Below are photos of the unit.  Some of these are from the original seller.  I didnt want to take the board out to take pics again.  The first 3 photo's are from me as of about 2 minutes ago.  I used the Zune HD as reference so you can get an idea of the size (it is NOT included).  Its not much bigger than a normal wallet when looking down on it from above, but its obvioulsy quite a bit deeper. Dimensions are approximately 1.5 inches tall x 5 long x 4 deep (not including how far the volume knob sticks out)











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Links are broken/mis typed

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Originally Posted by ShadowMax View Post

Links are broken/mis typed


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beautiful case. 

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PM replied

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Still availible.

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Possible sale to CosaNostra pending funds.

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Sold to CostaNostra.

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