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Wanted: WTB: Heavy Duty Speaker Stands for Klipsch Quartet

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WTB: Heavy Duty Speaker Stands for Klipsch Quartet

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey friends,


Just seeing if anyone has speaker stands laying around they'd be willing to get rid of. My Klipsch Quartets are 52 lbs each and its dimensions are 31.2" x 15.9" x 12.25".


I was hoping to raise them at least a foot off the ground, and no more than 18 inches two feet. If you have a pair that's much lower, I'd still be interested as long as it had some tilt.


Just seeing what's out there, thanks!


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bumpin' since this was early in the morn' atsmile.gif

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Sorry no stands. I feel mine sound best on the floor, sometimes I'll tilt the front up a few inches. Usually just listen to them flat on the floor seems like the best for my setup. Why off the ground ?
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Right now I actually have them on some chairs and the difference is night and day. Unfortunately, they are about two feet off the ground, which is a bit higher than I need. Luckily I was able to snag a 1 foot stand with 3 degrees tilt off Ebay, so I'm closing this ad. Hopefully when they get here they hit that happy medium!


Tilting is definitely good, but you should try lifting them a bit, let me know what you think! It's going to come down to the size and type of room they're in more than anything.

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I'll try off the ground within the next few days and let you know.

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