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Bassbuds 2012 : have you heard of them?

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Hey guys,


I was wondering if anyone has bought these new bassbuds. The website looks quite good!

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I have them, won a discount code from playing that game on their website. they look awesome and you really do get some deep bass!! i got obsession. recommend basshead.gif

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Bump for interest, the website makes them seem pretty good for 35 bucks or less..

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I personally have owned two pairs of BassBuds, and have very mixed feelings about them.

The memory foam ear buds work nicely, but after about three weeks of use the covering on them began to crack and tear exposing the foam beneath and leaving relatively sharp edges if they caught on your ear.


As for the sound quality I found the peak audio quality to be full of bass, so much so that with the genres of music I listen to the bass drowned out the highs and mids, but it wasn't a case that the upper sound ranges weren't there, because they were nicely audible when listening to music with just highs and little bass, but I'd steer away from listening to any sort of vocal music with a substantial amount of low end.


As for the comfort, this is where I had the biggest issues, as it also affected the sound quality. I'm sure most of you have experienced the loss of sound, as if a low pass filter has been applied when you push an ear bud in slightly too far to your ear, causing the opening in the bud to be compressed, taking away bass and definition. Well on the BassBuds, this was all to sensitive. They fitted in my left ear fine, very comfortably in fact, but as soon as I came to insert the other I was faced with a problem, I'll give you a little back story :


The first proper pair of earphones I had purchased were a pair of Creative EP-630 In-Ear Headphones. I was around 10 at the time, and had bought them to replace the limiting earphones that came with my Creative Zen. They fitted, worked fine but eventually after switching to my ipod touch after receiving it as a Christmas gift the gold plating on the jack wore off to the point where you could see the main contact points, and they had lasted around two years, and seeing as there wasn't many other pairs that interested me at the time, I simply bought another pair, and then one more when that pair broke.


When I decided to move on to another brand and model I chose none other than the JVC Xtreme Xplosives In ear earphones and I was not exactly impressed with the main issue being that not only would they not fit in my right ear, but coincidentally they also suffered from loss of volume in the same ear, which made me think I was going deaf.


And after struggling with the JVC's for a while, I gave up and borrowed my dad's On ear creative headphones, of which I cannot remember the model. And then from there onto a pair of Sennheiser HD 202 II's which I was very impressed with and then six months later, when they broke due to being mashed around in my school bag I gave in to the advertising ploy and expected the BassBuds to be a life saver. But it turned out I had the same problem with fitting them in my right ear.  



 BassBuds seem very sensitive to how they are placed in the ear, and the sound with vary tremendously due to it, but having just about managed to master the sweet spot on my first bassbuds they broke, lost sound in one ear and sound could only be restored by fiddling with the remote and bending the wire, so they were sent back on warranty and about 5 days ago, my new pair arrived, and you guessed it, I can only fit the left one in properly, and even when I do get the right one in, there is a slight imbalance in the lows in each ear only due to the way they fit (more in left than right) so when I went out walking with the dog yesterday, by the time I came back, my right ear was painful to touch and I am told the inside was inflamed and red, this is all due to the amount of times I had to re-adjust it. And on top of all of that, if you bend the wire below the remote in a certain way, you loose sound in one ear. This can only really been a sign of poor workmanship to have happened twice in two months.


To conclude:


They offer good sound quality at a reasonable price, as well as convenience with calls and controls, and they look cool, but don't be fooled by the advertising as from my experience, they have a poor, and sensitive fit, the bass can tend to drown out the rest of the music, and they appear to be prone to the same issues. 


- HybridBlinds


Seeing as this is my first post, please feel free to criticise and offer improvements, both are welcome :D

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