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Needed help for this speaker.

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Hi guys, this is my first time to get a speakers set up ,

Got no idea with them, please help


What kind of the amp i can get to match these speakers  ?


a 008.JPG

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Can anyone help me .

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not much info on their web site. it says Speaker Package. I'd guess their powered speakers - amp included. have you tried sending a message to the manufacturer? 


how did you get these speakers?

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you are trying to sell these off in the sales forum. Why would you want advice (now) on which amp to use?

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Sorry guys . I was in las Vegas at the last few days.grrrf there were so many candies haha. Since I just did mOve to LA. That I rent a small room, after I set uP everything. There is not enough room for these speakers. But I hAd another thought .that is get a bigger room .but I am still not sure ,feel like I am a lost baby :[ So i just see how this turn out.
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Friend of mine gave me as a Bday gift.coz they know I wanted a nice big speakers for along time. I had ask them ,they told me it needs a poweramp. and the speaker dose not look like with a power amp. But im not so sure about that. Every time when I touch the speaker it will always makes me look like an idiot lol. And I will send a msg to them ask how this things work. Thank you for the great idea.
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