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Originally Posted by Za Warudo View Post

 Where can you find the W1000x pads for $15?


I called Audio Technica parts department. $10 for pads $5 for shipping. Waiting for them to arrive soon.

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Hi everyone. A recent issue I've had with the pair of HP100s I own compels me to make my first post here:




I had been using them for around 6 months before a section of the left side swivel started cracking; I don't believe I've ever dropped or subjected them to anything other than normal levels of use. I contacted Soundmagic earlier this month about sending them in for repairs, though I've yet to receive a followup reply. Has anyone experienced a similar problem with the Soundmagic HP series headphones they own?

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Hi guys, please post your review after you receive and try the W1000x angled pads on your SoundMagics. I would be interested to hear exactly how these effect the sound.

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Well the pads are designed for angled cans but the HP100 isn't angled. There's just extra leather on one side to extend for a more pronounced angled can design. As I don't have any way to easily angle the pads they are just sitting on there with a cut S-Video cable inserted into the ear pad to add some more depth. 

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I thought angled pads are supposed to alter the soundstage somehow akin to how angled drivers work. But I guess you couldn't make use of them angled; it seems as if the SoundMagics could have tilted to accommodate this angle?

But for me, I'm not going to try the W1000x angled pads with my HP-100's because you said it increases the bass. I'm an anti-basshead and I'm really looking to decrease the bass on the HP-100s. After comparing the HP-100 to my bass-neutral cans Beyer. DT880 32ohm and Shure SRH940 I realized that these have at least 3db more bass above what is natural / called for.

When I had the HP-150s I had also tried the Shure SRH-940 stock pads on them; this only increased the bass amount. Though I'm only going by memory, it seems that the HP-100's fortunately do have perhaps about 1-2db less bass than the HP-150s, thus why I exchanged for the lower model. Really what I'm interested to know on this is if anybody can find (and successfully test) another pad on the SoundMagics that would be able to reduce the bass? 'Thanks a million'!
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Here is my brief review comparing and reviewing the HP-100 & HP150 (more of an intermediate-impression after having used them for several days each):

One difference I like better about the HP-100 vs. the 150s is that the coiled cable is more of a 'set & forget' cable length option rather than the swapping of the short vs. long cables on the HP-150. Also the smaller travel pouch of the 100's are welcoming as being more compact.

Some observations about the sound characteristics of both the HP-100s and 150:

The treble is ever so slightly recessed, maybe at least 1/2db... and it has a very peculiar characteristic: it manages to be smooth/non-analytical and good sounding for percussion-based music, but crossing over to electronically produced genres such as electronica / pop / hip-hop it becomes evident that this is a metallic sounding treble reproduction. (the treble all sounds percussion-like / metallic).

I have an equally peculiar observation about the soundstage of both the HP100 / 150: It's hard to describe but it sounds as if everything is put into the same space with the 'phones. There is 0 sense of perception of up/down front back, etc. but as if you are permanently placed in the middle of the sounds rather than front row, middle row etc. and not having different acoustic environments for different recordings.
And regarding the '3-D imaging' component of the soundstage: This can be a nice effect, perhaps for mid-heavy synth and bongo sort of sound effects, as it gives an equal outward-expansion from both the L/R channels - but, as noted above this tends to sound somewhat artificial and even borderlining exaggerated in a monotonous way as a soundstage of one-fixed-space.

The instrument separation on both SoundMagic models unfortunately is not up to par with more established models such as Beyerdynamic DT-880; an A/B comparison of the same loop of the same song on both these two 'phones revealed what sounds more like a well laid out set of individual layers that work well together on the 880, whereas more of an all-clumped-into-one sound with some details missing in the mid-hi to highest frequencies.

Regarding organic (true to life) sound, I hate to say it, but these two SoundMagic 'phones are more neutral then they are organic / natural sounding.

Regarding amping: They also need amping to refine the bass to be more controlled / punchy. The bass response sounded as different as night/day when comparing them unamped from my laptop to amped: the latter being much more controlled and realistic sounding, vs. the 'endless booming' of the unamped. I am amping them with a med. entry level amp (modi+magni) and have a feeling that they have potential to sound more refined with more powerful amps.

These cans do a decent job of reconstructing audio in a way that is pleasing to an average music listener and may be a basshead's dream, but seem to have slightly bloated bass, and issues with soundstage and crispness in high frequencies.
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Originally Posted by DecentLevi View Post

These cans do a decent job of reconstructing audio in a way that is pleasing to an average music listener and may be a basshead's dream, but seem to have slightly bloated bass, and issues with soundstage and crispness in high frequencies.

with all the respect, I don't agree with your conclusions. No way they are bassheads cans like an Denon Dxxxx can be

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What I was meaning to say was they have enough bass when called for to satisfy a basshead. If you compare these to a more neutral can like the popular DT-880 you will notice there is definitely a bass boost with the SoundMagics. 

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Well I dont know how much better the phones can get. Is it just me or do guitars sound really good on the HP 100s, energy is the word!

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