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did anyone compare them to the ue6000?

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After auditioning these at length today i find myself very very confused by some of the comments and reviews Ive found regarding these cans and the HP200. At first i thought it was my gear, so i tried other sources, and other amps.... Then i asked for two other sets of ears. 


We all came to the same conclusion: Yes the reviews are right these are severely under represented GREAT headphones... But the reviews were also wrong- with hip hop, electronica, etc and no bass boost on (out of the test sources and amps only the C421 even had the ability), these cans could be easily lumped into the bass monster category. 


Ill compile a complete review once i spend at least a full day or two with these and build on it as time goes by, but these are my and my peers initial findings. We even pulled out some DT770 and 990, some FA003ti titanium driver editions, and several other bass heavy cans to compare- these not only stood up to them... But in most cases dominated them. No smiley V shaped sig, a full sound with extended and somewhat accentuated bass.

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agree, these have some overdone upper bass, that leads to some kind of roar. and makes them warmer than i would like.

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i suppose they arent everyones cup of tea, but i personally really really enjoyed them and they are certainly in my top pick products for this year so far.

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Great review, everyone should check it out!

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Several people have mentioned their ear touches the driver sometimes.  Can someone measure how deep the cup is from the outer edge of the pad to the driver?  I know the pad will compress when on my head, but at least this will give me some idea.  Thanks a bunch for anyone willing!!!

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I've owned a lot of different headphones and this one tops all the dynamic headphones I've ever heard. It doesn't beat my STAX but I wouldn't expect that, so that's all right. Compared to my STAX it has little more sub-bas, a little less upper mids and a little more treble. Very nice presentation indeed, extremely musical and very versatile. It plays everything you throw at it with the kind of ease only very good headphones do. The quality of the sound is also very good, it's not as fast and precise as my STAX, but it is top notch among dynamic headphones. The Soundmagic HP100 is imo the best closed back headphone you can get, with a musical edge that is hard to beat, even for open back dynamic designs.

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yesterday i did a quick comparison to my srh940, which is my refernce phone for a long time. i would say, that the hp100 shows as much details and has an even wider and deeper soundstage than the shures. not completely sure yet, but maybe i got a new referrence in closed phones under 500 EUR. will update here, when i did more critical listening.

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Wow, i never heard the SRH940, but it seems that SoundMAGIC have done an excellent job if they can compare with those. I hope to get the SRH1440 one day

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take it with a grain of salt, as i am not the best in identifying good soundquality. but to my ears they compare very well and in some regards they are even superior.

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Been scouring around online for the cheapest price on these. Some sites such as this  polish site mentions a 'revision 2' version. Anyone have any info on this ?

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Yep, I THINK have the newer ones, thus I don't understand all this talk of flat etc- they are relatively flat but to my ears have a smooth gorgeous tight bass spike. Apparently rev 1 had no foam ring under the pads
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So the version sold on Amazon is an old version?

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It goes by the date on the package im told. underneath is a date. Not sure which revision i have- but im going to confirm that with the seller (Noisy Motel). Mine are Nov 2012, in a discussion with Billy the other day he said that he had some that were Feb 2013 which are new revision but still unsure of when the new revision started exactly. Ill post when i know more.

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