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So the new listing is here. Thanks cj42




You can choose your length in increments of .5 meters

and .1 meters...

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Just received my HP100 today and I can say that I'm really enjoying them :)


First impressions



Wow this is a lot more portable than I thought

My god the cushions are ridiculously soft.


Bummer, they have some weird stitching on the inside. Good thing they don't rub against my ear.

Wow, these are so comfortable. I even have glasses!

The cable really isn't as bad as people said they were. I like them :)


Nice strain reliefs. Everything about this thing looks.

The metal cups are very nice and don't look stupid.

I want to wear these outside now.

Lower profile then you would think.


Fits my massive head

Comfortable clamping force.

I took a nap with these on :)


The case is perfect.





Comfort 9.5/10

Would be a ten if there wasn't a stitching on the inside. If you have bigger ears, this might be an issue.


Build Good/10


As of right now, I would say 10/10 but I really have put them through their paces yet.


Will report back after a couple days. To say the least, I'm stoked :D

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i liked the cable til i started using the headphones when i'm walking / putting them on for numerous hours.


anyway, congrats , and welcome to the club :p

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Okay, story time.


I found a replacement cable that fits into the current headphones but it requires quite some time for it to deliver.


So this is the second day and I've been jamming out to my HP100. I didn't have any headphones for a good 2 weeks and it was awful.


So I was enjoying some if its magic at home from my smartphone. I took them off and decided to get something to eat. After I got some food, I plugged in the cable and tried to put the headphones on...


I forgot that I still had the cable attached to my smarthphone.


So inadvertently, I pulled the phone down from my desk and it hit the ground with a god-no thud.


I picked it up like a baby and inspected my phone and the cable.





I instantly tried to play some music and THERE WAS NOTHING




I bent it back in place and tried again and nothing.



I wanted to have a moment to myself and took my headphone off and pulled out the cable.


I just pulled it out?


These cables have a twist and lock feature.

I suddenly had renewed hopes.

Maybe I didn't plug the cable all the way in? I plugged the cable back into my phone and this time made sure I twisted and locked the one into the earcup.


Then I took a breath and pressed play.







So it works now but I'm very paranoid that I'm now only getting sub-par sound from my bent jack. Can anyone explain what happens when a jack gets bent? If it still makes sound, is it still as good as new in terms of sound quality?

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