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Just got my first PCDP

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Hi all. This is my first post on this forum. I have been a member in other forums, such as Audio Asylum and HD for some time.
Well, after (nearly) completing my main system, I have decided to start my secondary system in my study. I already have MG Head DT, and I thought PCDP may be good for that purpose (therefore, I have no intention to use it as "portable"). I got Sony's EJ711 just yesterday (refurb, got extremely cheap on eBay). The only reason I chose it is that it was said to have digital out. Very first impression about it through its HP plug with my Beyer DT931 is OK. I turned off the G-Protection, and AVLS is set to Normal. I felt "lack" of power and, thereby, detail, resolution, and dynamics. I just got from Radio Shack the "adapter" to convert mini plug line out to rca interconnect cable, so tonight I can enjoy through MG Head DT to DT931. In the future, I may get ART DI/O for further improvement. Now, a question arises.
How does this "Line-Out, Optical" connection work? How do people with SONY PCDP connect to ART DI/O or other DAC? Also, any suggestion to my plan or current set-up will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Ken.
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For a small stationary portable CD player, you might want to look at the Sony D-25S (lots of threads here about it) for about $50, it is a great little player, but doesn't have digital out.

The optical digital out on the Sony you have needs a toslink optical digital cable with the mini-toslink connector, or an adapter at one end. To make it work with the Art DI/O, you would need another adapter box to go from optical-digital to coax-digital. To keep things simple I'd recommend getting the D-25S and using the line-out to feed your MG Head. If you want to go the outboard DAC route though, maybe try to find an Audio Alchemy DAC-in-the-Box used (I've got one, great little DAC) which accepts either coax or optical digital inputs, or maybe try the small Creek DAC which also takes both types of inputs.

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Thanks for your reply. D-25S seems really promising. I should have asked this forum before buying ej711 (would someone want to buy mine?)!! You are right. I don't intend to use it for portable purpose at all. It stays on my desk all the time. And yes, simpler the better.... But will it be so different from, or better than, 711? Sorry for naive questions, but this is my first PCDP and have no idea.

Anyway, thanks for your input. I will try to get one before sillicon salvage runs out of stock, soon after I can sell this NEW ej711!! Anybody interested? Let me know. Ken
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