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Strange old Siemens headphones... does anyone know anything about these?

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A friend gave them to me as a gift, and from the looks of the jack... or whatever that thing is called, he never used them... I can replace the connector, but i can't find any data on them on the web...it's like they never existed... 


a few photos with the cans...









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I wouldn't be keen on chopping that connector off and throwing a TRS on there without more info - it's possible there is additional hardware that your friend didn't give you, but I'm not certain.

That model # looks suspiciously like a Beyer model #; but the Beyer DT96 is a different headphone. However that right angle connection on the ear-cup for the cable looks similar on both:

Do you have any sort of measurement equipment?
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I have a multimeter and know how to use it... what do you have in mind?

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Trace out that cable to where it's wired in the cups, see what kind of load it puts on the meter, etc.
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62 Ohms from Yellow/red to black and 64 Ohms from Yellow/red to white... 128 Ohms between black and white.



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If I had to guess, black and white are + for L/R, and yellow/red are your common gnds for each (sleeve). What's it like inside the cups? (Is it just black/yellow and white/red or similar? - this kind of 4-conductor "balanced" wiring isn't uncommon with newer headphones; it makes balanced conversions easy too). I want to know why the need 5 contacts to do this though...what do the contacts on that TRRRS (lol) correlate with?
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Looks plainly like a modified Beyer DT96 with added ear cups, headband padding, and a different cable. Possibly for use in the telecommunications industry. The only thing to do is open the cups and see what wires lead to + and -; you can solder new cabling directly to the drivers and have a Beyer DT96.


Edit: Does the headphone-side of the cable come out? Looks like it can. Might be a standard TRS in there?

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Yeah, I saw that thread too, theres where I figured the image out from. redface.gif

Depending on how the cable is run into the headest, you shouldn't have to re-terminate at the drivers; you should be able to just reterminate it to TRS (or twin XLR or 4-pin or whatever else, as it may be balanced wiring) and go from there. Again, I'd test this on a sacrificial/cheapo device first (call me paranoid), but assuming the wiring lines up right in the cups, it should work.
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Yes.  In my direct personal experience, they were used  principally in language laboratories in the mid-1960s  (e.g. as supplied by 'Cedamel' -- a French manufacturer of language labs used in tertiary education).

I still have a working pair myself, in case anyone is interested in acquiring them.

 Martin Wheeler - G5FM  [details on QRZ.com]

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