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For Sale: FS/FT: Wharfedale ID1 vintage ortho

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For Sale:
FS/FT: Wharfedale ID1 vintage ortho

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there, my old feedback thread is visible at http://www.head-fi.org/t/407556/leeperry


I would consider trades for a Yamaha YH-100, other trade offers might be considered so please PM..but I'm not interested in dynamic headphones tongue.gif



1)- a NOS Wharfedale ID1 in box, it's a very rare vintage ortho from the 70's:




More pics available at http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/1zullrgy6t61wz5mgyvx9wke1x9mlyzn/


More infos here:




"The wharfedale ID-1s are nice...soo comfortable..it is like having a sofa wrapped around your ears. They are also surprisingly very well balanced in stock. Very good bass too."


What it looks like IRL on top of the head of the Thunderpants headphones creator: http://home.comcast.net/~garybutcher/DSC_7592.JPG


Much has been written about this very rare ortho:

-it does require a very beefy headamp, and even its manufacturer advised to drive it off a speakers amp

-its earpads are dead comfy, even surpassing the cd3k...never thought this would be possible blink.gif

-it's got very sweet mids, ahhhhhhh the ortho mids happy_face1.gif


I'm selling it because my very big head doesn't fit at all(I pretty much max out the headband of most headphones like the cd3k, yamaha orthos, DT770, etc).


This phone has been kept in its box for the past 40 years so its pleather didn't age well...but I've installed acoustically transparent black sanitary covers over its earpads and this phone sounds as good as new: no buzzing, stereo misbalance or anything.


Its diaphragm is made of NASA grade material usually used in space capsules, how cool is that: http://wiki.faust3d.com/wiki/index.php?title=Image:WharfieP2.jpg biggrin.gif


These phones still regularly sell for $250 shipped, even used(and w/ a broken plastic case at that): http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150801895351&orig_cvip=true


Mine is in NOS condition with the cardboard box, plastic case, user manual + warranty cards and I'd like to get back what I paid for it myself so I'm asking $OLD shipped worldwide, It'll come with a tracking number and full insurance too.










2)- a Sony MDR-CD3000 in fairly good condition for its age:




More pics available at http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/rnry27j4rasbwbhqkq21uwc8zcj2apu1/


Baby R10, stunning 3D SS, you've read it and it's all true happy_face1.gif


Be somebody, live the legend darthsmile.gif

some random testimonials: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/what-happening-sony-cd3000-popularity-381687/#post5007537

"to those who trash them, the CD3000 is among one of the pickiest phone I've heard. The crapiness you hear is from your system. To at least hear a glimpse of their potential, plug them into the Pico.

IME, these come quite close to (but can't beat) the electrostat sound. Details, speed and delicate layered bass are terms I'd use to describe the CD3000 SQ. I guess that might not be to some people's taste."


"I've used the CD3k for about a year a few years ago. All the headphones I've bought with within the past couple of months have strayed from the CD3K sound, except the K1000. I'd say the K1000 is at another level, but in the same category. The CD3k are what I consider a bit lean, cool, detail oriented. It has cavernous soundstage (though sounded like closed phone) and I preferred it to the HD650 at the time."


"In my opinion there is nowhere to go next in the context of closed headphones.They are better than all the available high end ones i have heard."



"The highlight of the CD3000 is most certainly its cavernous soundstage that separates instruments into their own locations better than all but only the very best headphones. The first time I heard these cans, I was mesmerized by the expansiveness and surrounding nature of the soundstage. The angled drivers undoubtedly help these cans project a frontal soundstage better than many competitors."



"The treble is smooth and well extended with tons of detail.
The bass is amazing! Fast with SLAM and extends deep & low! The best I've heard to date!
These headphones really excel at sound stage as well, it's wide & deep!"


I've disassembled it and cleaned all the foam residues(screwing the gray bioplastic cups back on is quite a PITA to be honest, this cleaning process took me almost an hour), it's notorious that 21 years later these drivers need have all those debris removed.


Both drivers sound perfect w/ no buzzing/rattling or stereo misbalance whatsoever, this is pure biocellulose goodness(these are the two drivers after cleaning):


 imagebam.com imagebam.com


OTOH, the pleather of the headband is pretty cooked..very common on cd3k's. Your best option would be to mod it using genuine leather(I coud provide black lambskin for free):




It comes with mint third party earpads and I don't have the case, but to be honest the drivers diaphragms are made of biocellulose so keeping an organic matter inside a sealed box is a terrible idea to begin with....these drivers need to breathe, and these were kept in a non-smoking open environment for this very reason.


I'm asking $OLD shipped worldwide, It'll come with a tracking number and full insurance too.


Thank you for your interest and feel free to PM any question regular_smile%20.gif

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