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For Sale: FS: RSA Predator (mint)

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For Sale:
FS: RSA Predator (mint)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale, mint RSA Predator USB DAC/amp.  This is a great sounding travel amplifier and DAC.


Used about 2-4x a year, only when I travel on airplanes, probably 2-6 hours of use each trip, so the total hours of use has been fairly minimal.

Really never used the USB DAC, so I'm downsizing to a PicoSlim (no DAC and smaller, so it and iPhone will fit in shirt pocket).


Comes with AC charger.


Buyer pays shipping and paypal fee.


(Sorry about the poor quality photos...........can't quite get my canon to focus properly up close.........i'll try again later)






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Wanted: $9,999.99 (USD)
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message you
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been busy with vacation stuff.  i have received multiple inquiries and will treat them in the order they arrived.


sorry for the delay, but i'll get back to everyone this weekend.

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hi folks,


i have to apologize for my slowness here.  i was planning on replacing the predator with the pico slim, but find i like the sound of the predator better!


i don't know if the pico slim needs break in time or not, but i'm going to take some time this week to think about if i really want to sell the predator right now.

sorry to leave you hanging here, but this was an unanticipated course of events.............i'll make a decision as soon as i can



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ok..........sorry for the delay folks, but i was driving myself crazy comparing this to my new picoslim.


i actually like the predator a little better but am going to sell it anyway, since i want to have it and an iphone fit in my shirt pocket.


so, here goes:


regarding questions that people had:

1.  it comes with power supply and little cloth bag plus original box

2.  power supply also supports 220v (pretty sure, will double check when i get home from work)

3.  price is $375 (hard) + shipping + paypal


i will contact each of you and go in order of the time you responded to the posting.


let's do it.

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i've now PM'd everyone who responded with interest.


starting with person #1........ i'll be in contact with the rest of you in sequence if the unit does not sell to the people ahead of you in line.

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Still available

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price drop

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PM sent

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on hold waiting for paypal

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