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Originally Posted by Elythor View Post

Nice find!


I guess the only way to find out is to plug a USB-DAC onto the Galaxy Nexus (w/ 4.1) and see what happens


Too bad I have a Galaxy S2 and Samsung probably will not be porting 4.1 over to it any time soon. Can only hope the XDA community can release something useable soon.

Atleast you get 4.0, Motorola users on the Droid x2/droid 3, both Tegra 2 phones only about a year old, aren't getting ICS at all, outside of custom roms


I'm glad to hear it in general they've listened though!

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Great news!

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How about devices that support USB Host Mode (and a full size usb port) like the Asus slider and co.  If they are upgraded to 4.1 would we be able to use standard USB DACs with android devices in that mode?

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Anyone know if the S2 will support 4.1 and also has anyone got this to work yet?
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Scratch that. I've decided to go with the nexus. Hoping they'll work out the kinks.
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Did anyone get the galaxy nexus to work with an USB DAC yet guys?
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Originally Posted by ProtegeManiac View Post

Would this work with the original SGS? Mine's still working without issues, except for the free dock that I can't get to work on it  :(

try it and get back to us i want to know too ^^

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Got my nexus today. About to get in some music. Hoping when I decide to get a DAC that the line out will be sorted.

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Any updates on this?
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Slightly OT but are windows phones that have micro usb output fine for using with external dacs?  I'm thinking specifically of Nokia Lumia or HTC handsets with either Windows 7.5 or 8 phone OS.  Thanks

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I know this an old thread, but for anyone that's still interested, Android 4.2.1 works with standard USB audio devices, like anything that follows the standard.  I'm listening to my iBasso D10 on an Asus Transformer tablet.  Sounds great.


I have to "boot into it" to make it stable though, which is a bit of a pain.  If I plug it in after the tablet has been running a long time, the sound is warbly, and I get thread wait crashes.  But if I plug it in and reboot, it works perfectly.


So still some progress to be made, but we're closer than ever before...

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To enable the development option, follow these steps outlined in this link
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