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I'm located in India. uses a payment gateway called Skrill. Is it a trustworthy gateway. I hope they do not make a fuss about currency conversion and stuff and keep it simple. I trust paypal, but they are not available in India.


Anyone's ordered Xears from India?


I was thinking of getting XBA800PRO. Xears says it offers profound bass, club sound feeling. I was thinking about Brainwavz M2 as it is available at an Indian website. I based myself on joker's review. I would've been happy with SoundMAGIC E10 I guess. :P The Xears phones sound juicy with their deep bass.


I am looking for a forgiving, laid back, spacious experience that accentuates the bass grunts and growls. I guess longer decay times would help with the feeling of space.


I currently own Alessandro Music Series Two (Grado SR325is). Grado has been a hit or miss experience, it works wonders with string instruments. It doesnt have a soundspace at all. It is thin sounding on certain recordings. The punchy bass is sometimes too much to take. So I was looking to get something that sounds a lot more fuller, with deep bass that gives a sense of ambient space.