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For Sale: ZX AKG702 Cable

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For Sale:
ZX AKG702 Cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Made of Double Helix Continuous Cast Copper by ZX cable builders. It's in perfect condition and barely used. The length is a few inches over 6 feet. It's important to note that there is a lot of fake CCC out there coming from China. This is the real stuff. Original cost was over $120. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.

Questions? Please ask. No trades. 

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hi, how many braid is the cable inside? and how much is it to Indonesia. Thank You

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Sorry to say I don't know. The website from the company that built it is gone. You could search nucleotide cable and ask there. I believe the two had a relationship...ZX used the nucleotide cable...24 guage, I believe and what I have looks very similar to the HD700 cables shown on the website.

Shipping, although I'm not home to weigh it right now, looks to be about $10 for the slowest and cheapest method from the US post office.

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How long is this cable.
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6 feet and change.

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