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A discussion about Monster Turbines Copper

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I am currently looking for a good sounding pair of IEM's and have never actually owned IEMs before and I've only used over head headphones, so this will be my first time I end up getting a set of IEMs.


I have been seriously looking at the Monster Turbnines Copper and quite like them, but would like to ask some questions:


1. On a serious note do you think the Monster Turbine coppers are worth their price ?


2. Do you think they are over priced or normal and worth the price they are ?


3. how do they compare to the UE Triple Fi 10 ?


4. Correct me if Im wrong here but the UE Triple Fi 10 has got a removable/unplug cord where as the Turbine Coppers hasnt, meaning a detachable cord.


5. If you were to choose between the Coppers or the UE Triple Fi 10 which one would it be ?


6. Can both of these be driven by a headphone amp eg CMOY ?



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You are right about the removable cable and yes their is no reason why either can not be driven by an amp. I have only heard the TF10 so can not comment of the other things.

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Question, why you looking at MTPC? look? name? sound signature from review?


1. I got mine from a Chritmas deal in Canada, i paid way below usual market price, but i'm unlikely to pay for it at current price point on Amazon/eBay, $250 USD.

Bear in mind, the most i've ever paid for IEMs is about $100, MTPC, HF2... my view of "value", is probably different to yours.


2. I don't own any other IEM in $250 range, so i don't know if they're worth $250. i suppose they are...


MTPC cord can't be detached, and build quality "seems" to be very good, however, i already broke  the small decoration piece at the end of the cable going into the earphone housing, on my 2nd flight trip. 

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Durability is fine, the lifetime warranty takes care of any issues if there are any.


I paid ~160 for my coppers, and I wouldn't pay over 200 for them. I also own the golds, and I'd say the golds are worth like $150


The sound sig. is really bright IMO. The mid-highs are exaggerated along with the base, which really brings out the detail in music. Get these if you're really into both bass and treble..

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Coppers are cheap now on Amazon for around 200$, with monster insane warranty, it is great deal.

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I own both the TF10's and the Coppers. The TF10's have a lot more detail and clarity on the top end, ok bass and overall great sound, but there ergonomics leave a lot to be desired, the are giant and I all ways know I have them in my ears. Copper's are a lot more fun sounding, the bass is great but does not overpower the rest of the music, high end is clear but not super detailed. The Coppers are better ergonomically but the weight of them is a little annoying and they are very placement specific as far as sound, I have to fiddle with them a lot to get the best sound. My TF10's have never had any issues, My Coppers have been replaced under warranty when one side became noticeably quieter then the other. Customer service at Monster was great but they did break and I had to deal with sending them back. Overall if I had to choose it would be the Coppers, I just enjoy listening to their sound signature more.


All That being said, I MUCH prefer My SE80's to either of them, they have the great bass of the coppers, the clarity of the TF10's, a larger sound stage then either of them. They are extremely comfortable and the only headphones I have owned that if I fall asleep with them on I don't wake up to take them off. To me that is well worth the extra $$$ over the other two. Hope this helps.

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