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Hello everyone,


I live in India and after an unexpected mishap with my previous set of in-ears (the Soundmagic PL-30), I'm on the lookout for a successor. 

Being in India, however, availability and price (shipping costs) is an issue, but anything that's available for less than say, 80 USD or so is within my reach.


My requirements are as such:


Relatively balanced and neutral frequency response - I'm a musician by profession and also work with production, so my tastes naturally incline towards neutrality in frequency response. I would still like a decent amount of impact and body in the bass region (reviews of the RE0 or Etymotic MC5 scare me in that respect), but no bleed or bloat, and nothing intrusively emphasised. I'm no basshead. :)


Detailed reproduction - Again, important to me, especially in the mids and highs.


(Relatively) open, airy soundstage - The only thing I don't like about most in-ears is the 'inside your head', closed and claustrophobic feel I find the design imparts. I'd like a wide, open and airy soundstage, without much congestion.


I'm on a tight budget (musicians don't earn much, especially in India), my initial choice was the VSonic GR06, after reading about it in LJOKERL's Multi-IEM review thread. However, ClieOS's review of the GR06 suggested a subpar soundstage and very prominently mid-emphasised. His thread turned me onto the Sunrise Xcited, which he rates much higher than the GR06, with better soundstage and being more balanced in frequency response.


I'm also open to other alternatives within the sub-80 USD range, but my availability is limited to eBay, which doesn't seem to have the competing Fischer Audio sets, and several others.


I'm very pressed for time, as I'll need these IEMs for a trip shortly, so quick help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!