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Originally Posted by Ahzari View Post

did you try the Hal-O III's? they are in a different league than the Rx's.

I just tried the least expensive one, I forget the number, but it must not have been Hal-O III's.

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Any updates on the sylvania and westinghouse tubes?

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this thread is soooo old lol. theres the WA6+  WA6-SE thread now.



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Hmmm....tubes are subjective and asking what you like is like asking what's your favorite brand of ice cream. 


I will say this: The Woo 6 SE is such a good amp that you don't have to be too picky about which tubes to get. Any good old  vintage tube should sound good. I usually stick to any brand vintage tube from the 50s or 60s.

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Okay, so I started rolling using Mike's review as a guide. I have the Woo WA6SE with the Princess Sofia rectifier upgrade. The stock drivers were Raytheon 6DE7s. I am using a Marantz SA8001 SACD player, an Audio Research LS26 preamp, and MIT Shotgun cabling. My headphones are Grado PS 1000s. I picked up a matched pair of the RCA 6DR7s and gave them a try. I listen to mostly acoustic jazz, choral, and organ recordings. My observations:

-- The RCA 6DR7s definitely have a more authoritative lower end than the 6DE7s.

-- The RCA 6 DR7s have significantly higher output than the Raytheon 6 DE7s.

-- The Raytheon 6DE7s have a more resolved and open higher end than the RCAs.

-- The Raytheons seemed more balanced throughout the spectrum than the RCAs, though they do not have the strong lower end of the RCAs. There were times when I had to reach for the volume knob because the music was too loud in higher registers...almost as if it sounded forced.

While I really liked the bass improvement with the RCAs (the Grados are apparently light in this area) I am not willing to sacrifice the accuracy, timbre, and air of the Raytheons.

I may next try Woo's recommended high end drivers (6GL7/6EM7 with adapters) though I have read that some folks have experienced a midrange peak they do not like.

Thanks for your thoughtful review.
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