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HeadPhones Help...What to choose

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I'm looking to get a new headphone with good bass and nice clear and crisp sound, I want to feel the bass... I listen to dubstep and hip hop and I'm looking for good headphones that suit me well.


Here are my choices...Please, If you have any recomendations please feel free to tell me.



1. The House of Marley Revolution Headphones w/ Mic OS Camo



2. Sennheiser - HD439



3. Shure SRH750DJ



4. Sennheiser HD 449



5.Sony MDR7506



My best guess that is in my favorite is the 449 and the Shure... I'm not sure if the ones I chosen are good so I'm asking you guys..Which one sounds good with great bass and is comfortable?

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What's your maximum budget?


I would go:


Denon D2000 (if within budget, used)

AudioTechnica A900X


$160 and below:


M-Audio Q40

Beyer DT770 PRO

Shure SRH750 DJ

Ultrasone HFI 580

Panasonic HTF600

Sony XB500


Very best,

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My price range is about $80-$160

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Ultrasone HFi-580's, 

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Denon AH-D1100 $99

This is a great pair of headphones for Dub-step. Very heavy bass and large quantities, you will feel it when the bass drops. It is clear and crisp and quite fun and bright. The mid-range is not very recessed or lost even though it has a-lot of bass. It does have ALOT of sibilance however so it's just OK with Hip-Hop. When I wear my Denons, words with a "S" in them sound like a screaming hissing cat.


Audio Technica M-50/M-50S $129

Lots of bass as well, bit less then the AH-D1100 however vocals are clearer for Hip-Hop, not too much sibilance. FYI: (Hissing sound at S sounds are sibilance. Ex: SSHHHHift)

Get the Technica's!

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i have a beyer dt990, i like it, if you want closed cans, you may want to check out the beyer dt770. sony xb500's sound quality is only "meh" to me, the amount of bass is tremendous though. it will never be my main headphone but its nice for occassional bass thumping

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It's hard to beat the denon d2k if you can find them in your price range. There at least two on the for sale forum here now.



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How is the House of marleys?


The price is nice but I'm not sure about it handling dubstep....


This have the best reviews and I'm leading toward this 



I can't find the denon 1000 for $99 I saw them $100+

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