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I got ITZBITZ to make me a Pimeta and 110v/240v PSU.

Great communication all throughout. I was informed where the goods are in the production process, supplied pics of work-in-progress, things were clearly explained to me ( what certain parts will do, how to save on cost, etc. ). He was just so patient with me considering that my specifications seem to change from one day to another. (a little knowledge and lots of scanning in head-fi can be a dangerous thing. )

When they arrived they were excellently packed. (individually bubble wrapped, etc.) Both the pimeta and psu were obviously done with lots of care and pride (Clean clean workmanship. No hum, no noise, just golden silence when needed and sweet sweet sound when played) It was like he was producing it for himself so he made sure that they were very good.

In short, I'd have no second thoughts dealing with him again. Two thumbs up!!!
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had my Sonica modded by him.
it sounds great, was well packaged and came very fast

great guy!
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He ordered some quail power cables for our group buy. He paid immediately. Looking forward to dealing with him again!
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Another positive vote for ITZBIT

Just sold my Audiophile USB to ITZBITZ. Great guy, good communication, did what he said he would do when he said he would do it.
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I bought a EMU 1212 from ITZBITZ and was very pleased with how pleasant my transaction was with him. Communication as phenominal as was the packaging. I highly recommend doing business with him.
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Itzbitz custom made a PPA for me and the whole experience was really great. I'd definently go back to him for any other custom amps or mods I need done, as he really knows his stuff. Chris is also very pleasant to talk to and has become a great friend. Highly recommended.
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Great Service & Product

ITZBITZ built me an astounding maxxed-out home PPA with a custom faceplate and several special features. Chris took care to discuss every feature and issue with me and delivered the amp via my preferred shipper, carefully packed.
The finished product looks gorgeous, sounds incredible and was well worth the investment. The man knows how to build a good product and should be very proud of both his workmanship and customer relations.
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Chris sold me his Pioneer SE-DIR800C Dolby Headphone system. I got a good deal, he kept me in the loop, and the item arrived promptly and well-packed. It was definitely a quality experience and I would not hesitate to do business with him again some day.
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