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I didn't really mean that it would be practical to include red clou or something with the 600s, but you'd think their top of the line headphone that retails for $450 would come with something a little better (at least thicker) than it does. It my experience with home speakers, thin cables (regardless of quality) almost always lack the bass of larger guage cable. I can't help but think that's a lot of why people report such vast improvements with the Sennheiser upgrade.

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question for roll-man

You as well as some others (Audio Advisor, etc.) say:

1. Don't bother trying to drive the 580's without an amp

Did you ever try driving them directly from the Sony D-25S and notice an improved difference driving them routed through an amp? And if so, what was the difference?

Various people in this forum as well as audioreview.com think that you don't need an amp. What is the truth?

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They do sound better with an amp. However, the D-25S can drive them to levels loud enough to please me without faltering or adding distortion. Even a portable amp like my CHA-47 improves the sound, though. If you're unsure, why not try them out with the D-25S and add an amp later?
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Hmm, good suggestion. If I'm going to get an amp anyway (maybe the famous JMT CHA47 or TA?), would it make sense to get a more modern PCDP such as the Panasonic SLCT570 which gives me anti-skip and the OPTION of true portability. Or a semi-modern (circa 1994) Stereophile-praised RadioShack Optimus CD-3400?

Also, I'm thinking about the Creek OBH-11 for a non-portable option.

Yikes, too many options!
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Originally posted by fiddler
So wouldn't ALL other headphones (Grado, AKG, Beyer...) benefit as much as the Senns do from a cable upgrade? Why don't other companies make their cords detachable?
Now that's an interesting question. I'm getting ready to sell my AKG-501's because I just can't get them to sound right, regardless of amp or cabling. I've got a nagging suspicion that the culprit is the headphone cable...I can hear the potential of what these cans might be able to do, but can't get them there. A Clou for AKG might be the answer, but it's harder to try a substitute when the cable permanently attached...
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Forget about your wants, fufill your needs for your portable system. If this system is totally for your office only, you will not go wrong with the Sony D-25s, JMT CHA47, 580 combo. It sounds great and is a great value. IF, you even remotely think you're going to take a PCDP on the go, then buy a new model with anti-skip, better DAC, etc.

I have the D-25s, JMT built CHA47 (full size and Altoids versions), and 580s with Red Clous. Highly recommended for a portable/stationary system. When you do decide, give your rig a good listen. Get acclimated to the sound so you know what you like/dislike about it before you start wanting to upgrade - Creek OBH11/SE.

Good luck!

Regards - reynman
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good news! Todd just gave me the Clou Red for $100 since he's still waiting for the Blues from Sweden, which has held up my order for 3 weeks. I also just picked up a 2 week old porta corda for $135 shipped from another head-fier who chose the TA over the PC. The d-25s > hd580 w/red setup will be singing this weekend!
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roll-man be sure to let the rest of us know the sound of the clou with the PCorda!
My guess is the Clou will be sweet even on the PCorda.. argghhhh time to raid the piggy bank
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