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Originally Posted by Anaxilus View Post


I don't care about flac or downsampling but want to play files w/ doing a preconversion.  


I don't use mp3s thanks, only WAV and reliably pick apart 320 or any compression using my headphone rig.  You can see my IEMs and gear in my sig but thanks for the suggestion...

No worries my friend, i just tried to help.I use only FLAC on my Clip+ and probably don't use the 808 for music at all.smily_headphones1.gif

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Hi all, I initially thought of starting a new thread but searching the forum revealed this one, so I thought I'd put my question in here.


Over at the PureView 808 specs page:



... it mentions support for m4a, which is practically equivalent to flac, so has anyone tried it?


Also, how well does the built-in headphone port drive portables like the Audio Technica ESW9?

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Hi --- never tried ESW9 but headphone out drives my edition 8s quite well, although i still prefer to amp via usb otg

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Originally Posted by tissot View Post

I can btw recommend QuasarMX music player. Doesn't bring flac support but is superior to the older music player imo. 


Found from 


Nokia Store




I just wanted to comment on this old thread as I have recently bought the N8 AND 808 PureView (don't judge me). :)


The QuasarMX music player that I just bought ($4.99) plays FLAC. Also has parametric EQ along with other goodies. Perhaps FLAC support wasn't there when you purchased it. I am quite new to Symbian.


The other thing I noticed about the 808 that I haven't seen elsewhere is that it is able to record UNCOMPRESSED audio up to 96 kHz in Stereo! It needs a third party app to do it since Nokia has not enabled that on the built-in recorder. I got this info from the AudioRec Pro website. http://tequnique.com/audiopro


Perhaps you 808 owners already knew this. I just wanted to update an old thread.



PS - I tried connecting my FiiO amp/dac and the 808 complained that it was a draining a lot of power. No worries, just disable USB charging on the DAC. Now, how do I redirect sound into my external DAC? Was it supposed to be plug and play?

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what sounds best in headphones n8 or 808
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I like the 808 better than my N8, but there isn't much in it.


Also, Quasar MX has been mentioned as supporting FLAC earlier in the thread.

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Originally Posted by live1 View Post

what sounds best in headphones n8 or 808


The 808. It gets a tad louder than the N8 did. SQ-wise I would say it's a wash.

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The N8 is already very loud, much louder than a Nova N3 or Sansa Clip, happily drives my HD600s, though the volume steps are too far apart

so its hard to dial in the right volume.

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Thinking of buying the Nokia 808,very good phone for everything. Wish it did.you android or android apps will work on it.
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QuasarMX has now been recently updated. https://www.meteorasoftworks.com/ Full support for FLAC. I tried out a 192KHz file delivering at 5.39Mbit/s (this is a 168Mb file 4m20 long) and it plays fine. Luckily the 808 supports 64gig cards so no problems there. On borrowed Momentums it sounds amazing. I would be interested as to what a proper audiophile thinks of the soundstage.

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