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IEM for general listening, music production and stage monitoring under 200$

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In a foolish quest of looking for a perfect IEM, like many others

after reading countless articles here on Head-Fi,

I have ended signing up here to try to profit on the community's knowledge tongue_smile.gif


What I'm looking for is said in the title;

I have been thinking about getting the Vsonic GR07 for a long time,

however, there is one thing that actually stops me - the isolation.

I fear that the isolation would just not be enough for a stage (for a guitarist in a rock band)

and for general use while commuting in train etc.

I would use it occasionally for mixing some demos on a computer.


I have considered the Fischer DBA02 (mkII) but I have ruled them out

for being (from what I have read) too cold and analytical.

Recently I have discovered the TDK BA200, which is supposed to be

a stage monitor as well, but although I'm ready to grasp a new 

sound signature, I read that they somewhat lose in bass

and are focused on the mids a bit/ on contrary to the flat response of the Vsonics

(if I get this rightph34r.gif).

However, I think these would be (although at the limit of budget) a good choice

in terms of fit/isolation. 

Is there a big difference between the BA200 and GR07,

I mean are they comparable, or are they at completely different levels SQ wise? 

Any other alternatives would meet a warm gratitude form my side (such a bad englishbiggrin.gif


I'm not a pro by any means, but I would like to have a decent IEM though.


Thank you in advance for the answers of these crucial questions!

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Both are excellent iems.  The GR07 is neutral and very fast with excellent sub-bass.  The BA200 is a fuller sounding slightly organic phone.  It is more coloured than the GR07 and is more similar to the SM3 in sound.   The isolation is somewhat less on the GR07 but is still quite good.  The cords on both are mediocre.  The GR07 cord has a funny memory to it and requires cinching at the neck, and the BA200 cord is flat.  My preference leans slightly to the BA200, though either phone will serve you well. 

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(Bedroom) guitarist here, with the same budget and requirements as well coincidentally. I've been looking at the GR07 and BA200 as well. I've found the GR07's bass pretty much spot on, but I wasn't able to find a place to audition the BA200. I'm not a fan of mid-bass (I tested quite a bunch other IEMs as well, including the FXT90, EPH100, Atrio M8 and hated them all due to their mid-bass bloat). I'm wondering if the BA200 would be mid-bass bloated, and have more or less mid-bass than the FXT90.
In addition, would the ACS T15 work? I haven't tried it yet, but I'm quite interested in it as well, considering ACS specializes in personal stage monitors.
I also listened to the Sony MDR-EX600, in which I found it to be balanced and liked its sound, but I found the exterior shell a bit bulky, and found it pretty similar to the GR07, but I dismissed it since it's more expensive than the GR07 where I live. But I heard in some places the EX600 is cheaper than the GR07, so it might be worth a look as well.

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Thanks for your answers!


So if I get it right, the SQ of GR07 and BA200 is on par, isn't it?

My main concern about the Vsonics is the isolation,

I keep wondering what would I hear next to the drums for exemple,

but in a car riding a highway as well.


Their price is also kinda the maximum I would like to spend,

however I kept the 200 limit in case of an IEM that would be

significantly better. 

If there were just a non-vented alternative...rolleyes.gif


I have read a few reviews on EX600s, but it seems that they do not

isolate very well.

So far I didn't have an opportunity to listen to any of these IEMs,

I'm going pretty much blindly, and I'm not sure when I'll be able

to get them. 


Thank you for your advices.

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So, in the end, without having the other iems to compare with,

I got the Vsonics in september (so I think they are well burned in since then).

Please note that I use them mostly with Cowon D2.

From my point of view, I think I can agree with the general opinion about these - 

they are quite balanced (with very slight mid bass hump - so slight that it only helps

to bring the body to the sound, imho), they reach deep and high.

They revealed me new details in the tracks (particularly hearable in the electronic parts of the tracks, imho)

but they are not analytical. I can't say that with these in my ears,

I enjoy one genre more than the other.

Personally, I didn't experience any problems with sibilance

(maybe because of the music I listen to).


Compared to the Klipsch S4 that I owned before,

they sound just more balanced.

For example, with the S4, these fast bassy guitars were like fused into a kind of mush,

while the GR07 shows you all the notes as they follow.




Vsonics isolate a bit less than S4s, but I'm still satisfied;

I was worrying that I would not be able to use them when comutting etc.,

but I can do it as much as with S4.


I'm sure that I forgot something, in that case, I'll try to add it later.


Sorry if you had any comprehension troubles :-)


Cheers and thanks for your advices!

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GO FOR SENNHEISER IE8. seach this thread for more..

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Originally Posted by jump3r View Post

GO FOR SENNHEISER IE8. seach this thread for more..
The OP has gone for the V Sonics. If anyone is looking for an anything like neutral monitor the IE8 is not it IMHO.
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