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Wanted: New JVC FX40

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New JVC FX40

Will Ship To: Anywhere

looking for a brand new in box FX40. never opened

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You thought about actually just buying one new? They are not that expensive you know. Lol! Worth the $21 or so online. Honestly.

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yes, that´s for you. but i cant get it that cheap. $35+ frown.gif

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Same problem for me. I browsed the "local" ebay and found only $35-45 (not including shipping) where sellers had specified they ship to my country (Sweden). When I checked I found a few others who shipped worldwide including Sweden. Have you checked every possibility? Still, international shipping is a biatch and will cost some. Sucks that the Fx40 are too "new" and unknown to the mainstream crowd that companies won't even bother getting them (at least here).
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did you ever get those FX40's you were looking for? Did you get them and realized just how silly it was to want them, as they turned out to be junk? Did the never ending hotness of the treble finally fatigue you into throwing them at a wall, and the artificial sound of the bass make you think you bought $5.00 Sentry buds??? 

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yes, that´s for you. but i cant get it that cheap. $35+ frown.gif

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